1975-01-17_19 Los Angeles

Disco1975-01-17_19 Los Angeles
VenueUSA, Troubadour Club, Los Angeles, California
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
Original torrent name: Miles Davis 1975-01-17 to 19 Los Angeles.torrent
Original folder name: Miles Davis 1975-01-17 to 19 Los Angeles
Miles Davis- 1975-01-17 to 19 info.txt

Miles Davis
January 17-19, 1975
Troubadour Club, Los Angeles,
California, U.S.A.

Audience recording

Miles Davis- trumpet, organ
Sonny Fortune- alto and soprano saxophones, flute
Pete Cosey- guitar, percussion
Reggie Lucas- guitar
Michael Henderson- electric bass
Al Foster- drums
James 'Mtume' Foreman- conga, percussion

01 Turnaroundphrase 16:27
02 Ife 17:45
03 Tune in 5 (incorporating Willie Nelson) [incomplete] 12:30

Total time: 46:42

Lineage: Aud> unknown> downloaded FLAC files> wav> Audacity (retracking, speed adjustment)> wav> FLAC (level 8)> Dime> your ears

Grabbed a few Miles shows from another tracker and thought I'd share them here as I don't remember seeing any of them before on the mighty Dime.

Details of this show are at Pete Losin's site: http://www.plosin.com/milesahead/Sessions.aspx?s=750117

The date is given as January 17-19, 1975 although the music here is continuous and doubtless comes from a single performance.

The show as downloaded had no lineage information and only sketchy track details.

The original FLAC files were running fast (as Losin notes), so I adjusted the speed (-2.3%).
I also altered the banding of the tracks, as follows-
Ife: The original started at the beginning of the organ/ bass 'vamp', I moved this to the entrance of Miles on organ. This makes for a smoother transition.
Tune in 5: Moved a couple of seconds later to allow Cosey's guitar to fade.

The track details according to Losin are:
1 Band warming up 1:16
2 Turnaroundphrase (M. Davis) 16:27
3 Ife (M. Davis) 18:07
4 Tune in 5 (M. Davis) (incomplete) 13:34
"Willie Nelson" vamp from 0:12-2:16; Fortune plays with same theme early in his ss solo.

There are discrepancies with the version here: there is no 'warm up' track here and the timings for Ife and Tune in 5 are different. Tune in 5 cuts abruptly, so there may be a longer, complete version in circulation.

The sound on this is OK, but not great. Miles scholars will know what to expect of an audience recording of this period; a little muddy and indistinct, distorted in places but still quite listenable.

The music is, well, Miles!