1981-10-09 Nagoya (sc)

Disco1981-10-09 Nagoya (sc)
VenueJapan, Nagoyashi Kokaido, Nagoya
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
Original torrent name: Miles Davis 1981-10-09 Nagoya (sc).torrent
Original folder name: Miles Davis 1981-10-09 Nagoya (sc)
Miles Davis 1981-10-09 Nagoya (sc) Info.txt

Miles Davis Group
October 9, 1981
Nagoyashi Kokaido
Nagoya, Japan

~~ speed corrected a.o. edits ~~

Previously seeded here on Dime
(Torrent: 134586 - removed Tue Jun 5, 2007 - Days on tracker: 109) by ... (???)
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Contrast clause:
The currently existing jkeisers seed of this show (Torrent: 207931) is identical to the original version I used for this speed corrected seed:
Virtually identical track times, same overall pitch offset and fluctuations,
same cuts and overlap portions, same sound,
though apparently not a re-seed of that original.

Here we have the same as previous seed
- speed corrected, see details below
- slightly re-tracked to have each track starting with the actual theme or motif, corresponding to the individual track titles.
- a few overlaps removed: in Aida sax solo (12 secs) and around the set breaks announcements.

No further sound alterations (no additional NR, EQ etc.)

audience cassette master > cdr > wav > dar > flac
> wav > Soundforge 5: speed correction, edits, re-tracking
> flac FFE lvl7 w/SBA (512 MB)

line -up:
Miles Davis (tp, kb); Bill Evans (ss, ts, fl, el-p); Mike Stern (g); Marcus Miller (el-b); Al Foster (d); Mino Cinelu (pc)


Set 1 [53:51]
01 Warm Up 0:31
02 Back Seat Betty 23:08
03 My Man's Gone Now 16:30
04 Aida 13:39 (overlaps in sax solo removed)

Set 2 [36:28]
05 Announcement 0:10
06 Fat Time 20:06
07 Jean Pierre 16:11

Total Time 90.19 min

Due to the excessive speed fluctuations in both the original and the jkeisers seed,
I thought it'd be nice to have this great sounding show up here again running at correct speed all the way through (or close).
Check the few samples (mp3) in the comments section.

Thanks to the original taper.
Thanks to the original seeder, please make yourself known just in case, thanks.

Enjoy !!

-- flambay


Speed correction details (on previous version tracks):

Set 1:
Track A1 (Warm up/Back Seat Betty): +30...-20cts
Track A2 (My Man's Gone Now): -20...-70cts
Track A3 (Aida): -70...-100cts

Set 2:
Track B1 (Announcement): no speed correction
Track B2 (Fat Time): -10...-50cts
Track B3 (Jean Pierre): -60cts