1971-11-07 Uppsala

Disco1971-11-07 Uppsala
VenueSweden, Uppsala Universitets Aula, Swedish Uppsala Universitet, Uppsala, Sweden
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
Original torrent name: MilesDavisUppsala71UpgradeEdit.torrent
Original folder name: MilesDavisUppsala71UpgradeEdit

Miles Davis
November 7, 1971
Uppsala Universitets Aula
Swedish Uppsala Universitet, Uppsala, Sweden

Sveriges Radio FM broadcasts.

Combined from 3 sources to give one continuous version using the best sources for each track.
Repairs have been done to remove clicks, this was the major part of the edit.
Also a little EQ and Normalization was done to even out the sources.

1. Directions 12:47
2. Honky Tonk 9:51
3. What I Say? 14:00
4. Sanctuary 3:57
5. It’s About That Time 12:06
6. Yesternow 10:37
7. Funky Tonk 16:18
8. Sanctuary 1:16

81 minutes total.

For those who can overburn to disc, the tracks are continuous.

Optional disc 1 fade out, and disc 2 fade in tracks are provided for those who wish to burn to two discs.
Disc1FadeOut should go after 6.Yesternow.
Disc2FadeIn should go before 7.FunkyTonk

This is not the complete performance, but does combine all that has been broadcast.
The radio announcers have not been included.

Miles Davis (tp)
Gary Bartz (ss, as)
Keith Jarrett (kb)
Michael Henderson (b)
"Ndugu" Leon Chancler (d)
Charles Don Alias (pc)
James "Mtume" Foreman (pc)

As given in the original torrent: Received from Mr. Losin. EAC -> FLAC level 8

Edit: Flac > wav > Soundforge > wav > Flac (level 8, sector boundary aligned, verified).

Cover art.
Back inserts avaiable for 1 and 2 cd versions, as well as the original 3 sources version.

Many thanks to jkeisers for his permission to edit these sources, and for sharing them, and also to Mr. Losin for the source discs.


Wave form, before and after grabs.

1. Directions * Click removal.
2. Honky Tonk * A 12 second section repeated from 2.08 in the source track has been removed Click removal.
3. What I Say? * Click removal.
4. Sanctuary * Normalized to boost the levels slightly. Click removal.
5. It's About That Time +
6. Yesternow + * # Some Normalization. Cross fades between all three sources were used to complete this track. EQ to source 3.
7. Funky Tonk # Channel patches. EQ
8. Sanctuary # Channel patches. EQ

+Source 1, with male announcer. There were no digital errors noticeable in this source. It sounds as though it has been copied from a vinyl bootleg. Some scratches/clicks were removed. Unfortunately more of 'Yesternow' was not used from this, as there was a scratch/repeated click, which I was unable to remove, so source 3 was used from

# Source 2. This sounds as though it was from a tape source. There were drop-outs in one of the channels. These have been copied from the other channel, and a very little reverb added to maintain the stereo feel. EQ has been added to all of this source, to brighten the top end, and remove a little of the bass, which was booming. The sound is the least clear of the sources

* Source 3, with the female announcer. There were numerous clicks in this source, which appear to come from either a bad disk write, or bad disc rip. Tiny pieces of data were repeated and a jump where the wave form joined itself back together, which looks rather like the disc and data stream were not in synch. The jumps make sharp clicks in the sound.

At least 3 passes were made to remove the clicks. Pass 1 found around 7 (loud) clicks per minute, pass 2 about the same for smaller clicks, pass 3 found around half that number. There are still some clicks I was unable to isolate as they were too deeply embedded in the sound, or could not be isolated from the instruments.

There are some small clicks I have just missed, but I had to call an end to it at some point. These are not particularly noticeable compared with the first pass.

There are sections where the treble becomes muffled, possibly the original tape head picking up dirt, or tape ware. These sections have had a little EQ added to brighten the top end. There are also some cross fades between EQ'ed and raw sections, to cover where hiss cuts in or out in a distracting manner. Some hiss has been left as it was, so that the music is not affected adversely.

After track 4, the recording becomes muffled, particularly in 'It's About that Time', so this source was not preferred from that point onwards.

Were it possible to find the original source for this recording, and make fresh transfer it would provide an improved version.

Final edit. All the sources had tiny gaps between the tracks, these have been removed, and the tracks re-marked.


Mr. Losin writes: "There are two different broadcast recordings of this music in circulation.
One begins with a female announcer introducing the band, and concludes with her closing announcement at about 5:50 of "Yesternow."
The other begins with "Directions" and concludes with a male announcer's closing announcement at about 3:34 of "Yesternow."
The minor discrepancies in times are due to differences in tape speed.
The last 30 minutes of the concert appears not to have been broadcast, though the recordings obviously exist."

CD 1 (56:15) - Radio broadcast with the male announcer; first part; closing announcement at approximately 03:34 of "Yesternow"
CD 2 (28:10) - Second part of the concert, starting with "Yesternow"
CD 3 (59:24) - Radio broadcast with the female announcer; first part; closing announcement at approximately 05:50 of "Yesternow"