Charlie Parker - The Complete Dial Sessions

DiscoCharlie Parker - The Complete Dial Sessions
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Charlie Parker - The Complete Dial Sessions
Eastcoast Sessions CD1
Eastcoast Sessions CD2
Westcoast Sessions CD1
Westcoast Sessions CD2

101 Dexterity (Take A, Alternate).mp3
102 Dexterity (Take B, Master).mp3
103 Bongo Bop (Take A, Master; aka BLUES).mp3
104 Bongo Bop (Take B, Alternate; aka Blues and Parker's Blues).mp3
105 Dewey Square (Take A, Alternate; aka Prezology and Bird Feathers).mp3
106 Dewey Square (Take B, alternate).mp3
107 Dewey Square (Take C, Master).mp3
108 The Hymn (Take A, Master).mp3
109 The Hymn (Take B, Alternate; Originally released as 'Superman' by the Miles Davis Quartet.mp3
110 Bird of Paradise (Take A).mp3
111 Bird of Paradise (Take B).mp3
112 Bird of Paradise (Take C).mp3
113 Embraceable You (Take A).mp3
114 Embraceable You (Take B).mp3
115 Bird Feathers (Take C, Master ; aka Schnourphology).mp3
116 Klact-Oveeseds-Tene (Take A, Master).mp3
117 Klact-Oveeseds-Tene (Take B, Alternate).mp3
118 Scrapple From the Apple (Take B, Alternate).mp3
119 Scrapple From the Apple (Take C, Master; aka 'Little Be-bop').mp3
201 My Old Flame (Take A, Master).mp3
202 Out of Nowhere (Take A).mp3
203 Out of Nowhere (Take B).mp3
204 Out of Nowhere (Take C).mp3
205 Don't Blame Me (Take A, Master).mp3
206 Drifting On A Reed (Take B, Alternate- aka GIANT SWING).mp3
207 Drifting On A Reed (Take D, Alternate).mp3
208 Drifting On A Reed (Take E, Master- aka Air Conditioning).mp3
209 Quasimado (Quasimodo) (Take A, Alternate).mp3
210 Quasimado (Quasimodo) (Take B, Master- aka Trade Winds).mp3
211 Charlie's Wig (Take B, Alternate- aka Bongo Bop).mp3
212 Charlie's Wig (Take D, Alternate- aka Drifting on a Road).mp3
213 Charlie's Wig (Take E, Master).mp3
214 Bongo Beep (Take B- aka Dexterity).mp3
215 Bongo Beep (Take C- aka Bird Feathers and Charlie's Wig).mp3
216 Crazeology (Little Benny) (Take A, Excerpt).mp3
217 Crazeology (Little Benny) (Take B, Excerpt).mp3
218 Crazeology (Little Benny) (Take C, Alternate).mp3
219 Crazeology (Little Benny) (Take D, Master 2- aka Move and Bird Feathers).mp3
220 How Deep is the Ocean (Take A, Master).mp3
221 How Deep is the Ocean (Take B, Alternate).mp3
301 Diggin' Diz.mp3
302 Moose the Mooche (take 1).mp3
303 Moose the Mooche (take 2, released).mp3
304 Moose the Mooche (take 3).mp3
305 Yardbird Suite (take 1).mp3
306 Yardbird Suite (take 4, released).mp3
307 Ornitology.mp3
308 Bird Lore.mp3
309 Ornithology.mp3
310 The Famous Alto Break.mp3
311 Night in Tunesia (take 4).mp3
312 Night in Tunesia (take 5, released).mp3
313 Max Making Wax.mp3
314 Lover Man.mp3
315 The Gypsy.mp3
316 Bebop.mp3
317 Yardbird Suite.mp3
318 Blues on the sofa.mp3
319 Kopely Plaza Blues.mp3
320 Lullaby in Rhythm (1).mp3
321 Lullaby in Rhythm (2).mp3
322 Home Cooking I.mp3
323 Home Cooking II.mp3
324 Home Cooking III.mp3
401 This is Always (Take C, Master).mp3
402 This is Always (Take D, Alternate).mp3
403 Dark Shadows (Take A, Alternate).mp3
404 Dark Shadows (Take B, Alternate).mp3
405 Dark Shadows (Take C, Master).mp3
406 Dark Shadows (Take D, Alternate).mp3
407 Bird's Nest (Take A, Master 1).mp3
408 Bird's Nest (Take B, Alternate).mp3
409 Bird's Nest (Take C, Master 2).mp3
410 Cool Blues (Take A, Alternate; aka HOT BLUES).mp3
411 Cool Blues (Take B, Alternate; aka BLOWTOP BLUES).mp3
412 Cool Blues (Take C, Master).mp3
413 Cool Blues (Take D, Alternate).mp3
414 Relaxin' at Camarillo (Take A).mp3
415 Relaxin' at Camarillo (Take C).mp3
416 Relaxin' at Camarillo (Take D).mp3
417 Relaxin' at Camarillo (Take E).mp3
418 Cheers (Take A).mp3
419 Cheers (Take B).mp3
420 Cheers (Take C).mp3
421 Cheers (Take D).mp3
422 Carvin' the Bird (Take A, Alternate).mp3
423 Carvin' the Bird (Take B, Master).mp3
424 Stupendous (Take A, Master).mp3
425 Stupendous (Take B, Alternate; aka SURPRISING).mp3