1982-04-01 Boston

Disco1982-04-01 Boston
VenueUSA, Bradford Hotel Ballroom, Boston, Mass.
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
Original torrent name: Miles Davis 1 April 82 flac16.torrent
Original folder names:
Miles Davis 1 April 82 flac16

Miles Davis group
Miles Davis: trumpet, electric piano
Bill Evans: soprano sax, tenor sax, flute, electric piano
Mike Stern: guitar
Marcus Miller: bass
Al Foster: drums
Mino Cinelu: percussion
Bradford Hotel Ballroom
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
April 1, 1982
(he also played there on April 2nd)
source: low unknown generation audience tape (maybe 2nd)
performance quality: B/B+
recording quality: B/B+ mostly quite nice
runtime: 90:54

first set 53:03
1: Back Seat Betty 23:07
2: my man's gone now 10:36
3: Aida (spliced, tape flip) 19:21

second set 37:50 (incomplete)
4: ife 20:39
5: fat time 10:46
6: Jean Pierre 6:24 (end cuts, source tape ran out)
I got this from a Berklee student not long after the
show, maybe a couple of months later. It's missing a bit
of the end of Jean Pierre (I would guess about 5-7 minutes
of it) and just a few seconds at the flip. Not done
with a high end recorder, probably an Aiwa walkman or
something comparable with built in auto-level mikes.
It's a pretty decent recording. I have one of the April 2nd
show too but that one doesn't sound postworthy to my ears.
the taper did a good job with this, not much crowd noise
and recorded fairly close up, so not too much level fluctuation,
it stays consistent, much like the performers.
do not sell this recording.
trade freely and losslessly.