Black Devil

DiscoBlack Devil
VenueFrance, Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris
NotesSource: eMule
Original archive name: Miles Davis Black Devil Bootleg Paris 1991.rar

Black Devil
This recording is a showcase of the music of Miles Davis with performances of songs from the fifties,
sixties, and eighties. The cd has Miles Davis music for all taste. I think the biggest highlight of
this recording is Miles performing with Wayne Sorter and Joe Zawinul again on "In A Silent Way".
Miles Davis performs a song written by Prince for MD called "Penatration". To my knowleged this
is the only recording of it by MD. The performance of "Human Nature" is the best that I have heard
recorded. The are some many good performances that I think you should difinitively find this one.
This recording is also available on video as "Miles Davis and Friends" and it has appeared on
Bravo previously. The sound quality and musical performance are perfect. I would give this recording
five stars. I can't choose a favorite song because there are just too many good performances.
This is the best Miles Davis bootleg available.

Disk 1

Perfekt Way 6:31
Blues 11:54
Human Nature 15:12
All Blues 8:52
In a Silent Way 12:51
Katia 10:04

Disk 2

Dig 17:13
Watermelon Man 9:21
Penetration 7:50
Wrinkle 10:02
Footprints 7:10
Jean Pierre 6:48

Miles Davis trumpet, keyboards
Kenny Garrett alto sax (all except All Blues, Katia, Dig and Footprints)
Foley McCreary electric guitar (Perfekt Way, Human Nature, Penetration, Wrinkle, Jean Pierre)
Deron Johnson keyboards (all except All Blues, In A Silent Way and Footprints)
Richard Patterson electric bass (all except All Blues, Katia, Wrinkle and Footprints)
Ricky Wellman drums (all except All Blues, In A Silent Way, Dig and Footprints)
Bill Evans soprano sax (All Blues and Jean Pierre)
Steve Grossman tenor sax (All Blues, Dig, and Footprints and Jean Pierre)
Chick Corea electric piano (All Blues, Dig, Footprints and Jean Pierre)
David Holland bass (All Blues, Dig, Footprints and Jean Pierre)
Al Foster drums (All Blues, Dig, Footprints and Jean Pierre)
Wayne Shorter soprano sax (In A Silent Way and Footprints )
Joe Zawinul keyboards (In A SIlent Way)
John McLaughlin electric guitar (Katia and Jean Pierre)
John Scofield electric guitar (Katia and Jean Pierre)
Daryl Jones electric bass (Katia, Wrinkle and Jean Pierre)
Jacki McLean alto sax (Dig and Jean Pierre)
Herbie Hancock keyboard (Watermelon Man)

Recorded Live at "Grande Halle de la Villette", Paris, July 10th, 1991