1973-10-24 Malmo (1st,sc)

Disco1973-10-24 Malmo (1st,sc)
VenueSweden, Stadsteatret, Malmö
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
Original torrent name: Miles_Davis_Malmo_1st_show_1973-10-24 sc.torrent
Original folder name: Miles_Davis_Malmo_1st_show_1973-10-24 sc
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Miles Davis Septet
October 24, 1973
Stadsteatret, Malmö (Sweden)

First concert

Re-post of previous poiuyt DIME seed (torrent #207499),
speed corrected a.o.edits, see note at bottom.

Miles Davis (tpt, org); Dave Liebman (ss, ts, fl); Pete Cosey (g, perc); Reggie Lucas (g); Michael Henderson (el-b); Al Foster (d); James Mtume Forman (cga, perc)

First concert
01 Turnaroundphrase (M. Davis) [10:39] (incomplete - cuts in)
02 Tune in 5 (M. Davis) [7:19] (Cga solo 6:55-7:19)
03 Untitled Original 730424c (M. Davis) [9:36]
04 Ife (M. Davis) [16:33]
05 Right Off (M. Davis) [4:18]
06 Funk (M. Davis) (with applause) [Prelude, part 1] [10:35]

Total time (after speed correction) 59:01 min

Contrast clause:

Same as previously seeded by poiuyt here at DIME (now removed),
but speed corrected and other edits carried out as listed hereunder:

- speed correction: +91cts following Prof.Goody suggestion posted in previous seed's discussion thread,
- volume level adjusted, still some fluctuations, especially in track 01 but less abrupt,
- phase offset adjusted by 4 samples in left channel
- some clicks in track 01 manually removed (pencil mode)
- re-tracked and tracks renamed following P.Losin nomenclature

Credits: Thanks to the unknown taper, and to the original uploader poiuyt.

Enjoy !!

-- flambay


MD-731024 set1 - 01 Turnaroundphrase.flac:b4e9e45242633c42794d287f4383c9b8
MD-731024 set1 - 02 Tune In 5.flac:10a07ea2734e7fc45837dcc918160d3f
MD-731024 set1 - 03 Untitled Original 730424c.flac:72d5a8544a39a6758fd96e4a252d454a
MD-731024 set1 - 04 Ife.flac:fcd7aa4c7d5a882e9c66785394fdca32
MD-731024 set1 - 05 Right Off.flac:315f99af24d27fdb84bc5307743f3f98
MD-731024 set1 - 06 Funk.flac:0e64e2354397d1c8f58484ee7e4b0c22