1986-04-25 New Orleans

Disco1986-04-25 New Orleans
VenueUSA, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Saenger Hall, New Orleans, LA
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
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Miles Davis Band
New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
Saenger Hall, New Orleans, LA
April 25th, 1986

~~ SBD version, speed corrected ~~

Contrast clause:
same as mr_mags upload (DIME Torrent #268786)
but speed corrected:
+105cts (Disc 1 tracks 01 > 06) and
+110cts (Disc 1 tracks 07 > 10, and all of Disc 2)

SBD > ? > Trade Cassette > Tascam CDRW 800 > EAC > WAV > FLAC >
wav > Soundforge 9: speed correction, minor re-tracking > flac TLH lvl7 w/SBA (614 MB)

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Miles Davis: Trumpet, synth
Bob Berg: Tenor & Soprano Saxophones
Robben Ford: Guitar
Robert Irving III: Synth, Musical Director
Adam Holzman: Synth
Felton Crews: Bass Guitar
Marilyn Mazur: Percussion, Drums
Steve Thornton: Percussion
Vincent Wilburn: Drums, Simmons Drums

CD 1

T1 One Phone Call (Right Off)/Street Scenes/Speak 8:42
T2 New Blues (Star people)
T3 Maze
T4 Human Nature 8:24
T5 Portia 7:24
T6 Splatch 5:51 (CUTS OUT)
T7 Wrinkle 3:31 (CUTS IN)
T8 Time After Time 9:00

CD 2

T1 Carnival 3:56
T2 Tutu 7:04
T3 Burn 6:08
T4 Stronger Than Before 7:42
T5 Tomaas 7:15
T6 Hopscotch 8:21
T7 Al Jarreau 5:06

mr_mags notes from orig.seed info:
I did a basic transfer of a cassette years ago & have been hoping that a proper/better transfer would pop up on dime. Well... it's been 4 years now & thought I would put this one out there. It generally sounds excellent/low gen but regarding azimuth, speed, pitch- I dunno. The speed seems like it may be off? Also, note that D1-T6 & T7 are incomplete.

FYI... a quick Google reminded me that there are clips from this concert on the Miles Ahead DVD.

add. flambay notes:
This SBD sounds excellent indeed.
I thought some would like to hear this running closer to correct speed.
Check the samples in the comments section.


mr_mags & flambay

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d1t01 One Phone Call-Street Scenes-Speak.flac:38478be9366675aa0f44a072debbc2cd
d1t02 New Blues.flac:971d6cc8940c2bd0ae2407cb4b27e797
d1t03 Maze.flac:f399773e648fb75d2edbc5bbcdb42ff9
d1t04 Human Nature.flac:768c5f0a5a86bc8e673e273fba002de3
d1t05 Portia.flac:048a8ffee262a40aff58f3c4feaea174
d1t06 Splatch.flac:253d4e008525918b82b7202cfab64e20
d1t07 Wrinkle.flac:2ece2e95618b44f6667492ebce0f638c
d1t08 Time After Time.flac:7fc4c0c9b0511721b3082c02c1c742fb
d2t01 Carnival.flac:dad6d8ebd1c6aac831134e28a75d0a63
d2t02 Tutu.flac:3efe6e32193710a1e87289476c10e74d
d2t03 Burn.flac:28ecbc9d54ac496868b6bf040a3e5f9f
d2t04 Stronger Than Before.flac:196cc5bdcd34c343e49819548f7e3275
d2t05 Tomaas.flac:c2974639d8a2c35a31f3c3ddea8dbef6
d2t06 Hopscotch.flac:e9438852e6a7d8e6a8b593970b6abb0b
d2t07 Al Jarreau.flac:89b4a0a1966eaa672229ed4c2c1736da

aa15f7eebe04fcd0d0f3efff89d52e7c *d1t01 One Phone Call-Street Scenes-Speak.flac
ffa76adfddf0fcc18b0c5284a4cdbca7 *d1t02 New Blues.flac
dbfd3d7732dde529cd2e70c4bed2b396 *d1t03 Maze.flac
41f6293ac53387d5cefecc35e92b639b *d1t04 Human Nature.flac
0083bcfc1bde3b6b2e499c0a2f8ee211 *d1t05 Portia.flac
db265b68464dd4b70043760e4ad48d53 *d1t06 Splatch.flac
1920957205e39c5036a47e5dc994ad5f *d1t07 Wrinkle.flac
9ee8d8997f745069596fb6bab89d6934 *d1t08 Time After Time.flac
9afc02725a824baf7a46ffb670309b0f *d2t01 Carnival.flac
b228e35640c767dc596ca98852496e8d *d2t02 Tutu.flac
23928dea0b0663bf42296d057ca67287 *d2t03 Burn.flac
7bfe780a8979568b683859e867b36a59 *d2t04 Stronger Than Before.flac
c904b04b56cb434d573304a7b4d6337e *d2t05 Tomaas.flac
366a4beb38be8b3a6946dbca8517512b *d2t06 Hopscotch.flac
b72eb30783356f6ce02620817bfbf5c6 *d2t07 Al Jarreau.flac