1983-08-19 Merrillville

Disco1983-08-19 Merrillville
VenueUSA, Holiday Star Theatre, Merrillville, Indiana
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
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Miles Davis Sextet

Merrillville, Indiana

August 19 1983

Holiday Star Theatre

Recorded on a small mono cassette recorder with
built-in mic. Craig model 2625

First Generation Cassette>Tascam130>ProToolsLE>wav>flac6

Miles Davis (Trumpet, synth.)
Bill Evans (Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax, Flute)
John Scofield (Guitar)
Darryl Jones (Bass)
Al Foster (Drums)
Mino Cinelu (Percussion)

On here:

There is a show listed as August 18 1983. I do not
know if Miles played that night or not. But this is the 19th.
See the ticket stub.
The song order and times seem to be the same for the most part.
On the above site he has 'Jean Pierre' as a twenty one minute track.
On my recording I have 'Jean Pierre' at just over ten minutes followed by
'Star On Cicely' lasting eleven minutes.
That leaves a four minute song at the end of the show who's title
I'm unsure of. There was a tape flip at the end of 'It Gets Better'.

CD one

01 Speak/That's What Happened 11:28.293
02 Star People 08:31.480
03 What It Is 07:04.813
04 It Gets Better 11:21.373

CD two

05 Hopscotch 18:11.549
06 Jean Pierre 10:14.800
07 Star On Cicely 11:18.442
08 04:13.920