1990-07-14 Singen

Disco1990-07-14 Singen
VenueGermany, Hohentwiel, Singen
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
Original torrent name: Miles Davis 1990-07-14a Singen (fm).torrent
Original folder name: Miles Davis 1990-07-14a Singen (fm)
Miles Davis 1990-07-14a Singen (fm)_info.txt

Miles Davis
Singen, Germany
2cdr, fm, A+/A

Complete show, put together from 2 partial FM broadcasts, from 3 sources
(all 3 sources from same broadcast origin):

source a (main source):
2cdr, fm, A+/A
fm > cass > 2cdr > wav > Soundforge 9: speed correction, re-tracking, adding patches from other 2 sources > flac TLH lvl8 w/SBA (621 MB)

source b (B05 Tutu) from CD bootleg: "Sing In Singen", REGENCY, REG010
1cdr, cdb>cdr, 70:56, A
fm > cdb > cdr > wav > Soundforge 9: speed correction, extracting patches and merging with main source

source c (B06 closing announcement):
2cdr, fm, B+
fm > cass > 2cdr > wav > Soundforge 9: speed correction, extracting patches and merging with main source

collected & transferred by: plaz_restore
edited by: plaz_restore, flambay

Miles Davis (tp);
Kenny Garrett (as, fl);
Joe "Foley" McCreary (lead-b);
Kei Akagi (keyb);
Richard Patterson (el-b);
Ricky Wellman (d);
Erin Davis (perc)

Broadcast Part 1 (all tracks from main source):

A00 radio announcement 1 0:13
A01 Perfect Way 5:38
A02 New Blues (Star People) 9:05
A03 Hannibal 11:01
A04 The Senate / Me and You 11:46
A05 Jilli 6:34
A06 radio announcement 2 0:19

Total time Part 1: 44.48 min

Broadcast Part 2 (all tracks from main source except where noted):

B00 radio annoucement 3 0:42
B01 Human Nature 14:03
B02 Time After Time 9:35
B03 In the Night 4:12
B04 Wrinkle 6:59 °°° switch to source b at 6:57
B05 Tutu 10:43 °°° switch to source c at 10:37
B06 radio announcement 4 0:36

Total time Part 2: 46.52 min

Total time (without radio announcements): 89.50 min

Credits: thanks to all original source contributors

Brought to you by plaz_restore & flambay

Enjoy !!

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A00 announcement.flac:d34f0053f83a7e9b9f3345f4f3e9321c
A01 Perfect Way.flac:3dbd858430adaeb01b81f7f416334741
A02 New Blues.flac:e16b0a71ce9c33ca4f0481d77ee83ca5
A03 Hannibal.flac:f2c69de8699d4b0efc37154c84b25b27
A04 The Senate, Me & You.flac:3dfd4b9c48af1b7c04e9770f2ca9e40c
A05 Jilli.flac:fb4a42da671a8140549ffd0e366c7c5d
A06 announcement.flac:1bb774504696cbb05df00b249d1ce82c
B00 announcement.flac:ce2843fe987b5ac7e848e8add9254f18
B01 Human Nature.flac:da97b1a4aa92b4885e38779af9862b35
B02 Time After Time.flac:c67b03cafdef35845bb63bf7007c7ace
B03 In The Night.flac:e4b8bf759c0dff154f252f66a45d1c0a
B04 Wrinkle.flac:afba72f63732c5140ed3762abba2d2bb
B05 Tutu.flac:b27549830a7142dfcf559c3f424de73f
B06 closing announcement.flac:1d70b5f091938b3fe57ecf6317f32ead