1973-11-02 Ludwigshafen (remaster)

Disco1973-11-02 Ludwigshafen (remaster)
VenueGermany, Friederich-Ebert-Halle, Ludwigshafen
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
Original torrent name: Miles Davis 1973-11-02 Remaster flacs.torrent
Original folder name: Miles Davis 1973-11-02 Remaster flacs
Miles Davis 1973-11-02 remaster info.txt

Miles Davis
Ludwigshafen, Germany
(also circulates as Ludwigshalle, Ludwigsburg, Germany)
November 2, 1973



This remasters (and I believe completely and permanently replaces) torrent:
which itself is an exact reseed of Torrent 48291, which was basically a mess
but was the first remastered version of this show and first torrented.

See below for all the notes and details of the adjustments required to this source
and see the included origin file which provides notes on the original sourcing of
the material, which is reported to be remastered from a first generation cassette
copied from a master cassette recorded on cheap equipment.

It is still a VG audience (in old school tape trader terms of "VG") and will never
be more than that from this particular master, but what we now have here is at least
listenable, way way more enjoyable than what it was, and roughly half the file size
since it was a mono recording to start with, just never seeded as that (so you have
even more incentive to grab this and throw your old one/s out).

It does seem like one heck of a show.


CD 1 of 2:
First Set
1. A continuous medley of themes identified by others as including:
Tune in 5
Unknown Title 730620

2. Ife

CD 2 of 2
Second Set
1. A continuous medley of themes identified by others as including:
Right Off
Funk [Prelude, part 1]
Calypso Frelimo
For Dave (slow)

Miles Davis (tpt, org);
Dave Liebman (ss, ts, fl);
Pete Cosey (g, perc);
Reggie Lucas (g);
Michael Henderson (el-b);
Al Foster (d);
James Mtume Foreman (cga, perc)

Reported lineage of original torrent (not that I completely buy this unless the tape
was perhaps damaged or misrecorded since there seem to be azimyth and tracking issues
- and there were no logs and the checksums provided did not match the file set, though
the size is the same as first seeded):

AUD MCA > CAS(recorded on Nakamichi deck and PB on Nakamichi LX-3) > Marian Marc 2
(setting 24 bit/64 Khz) > HD > reconstruction remaster with WaveLab 6.0, using Sonic
Foundry Noise Reduction at highest solution, Steinberg & Sonic Foundry EQs,
16 bit/44.1 Khz down-sampling, normalisation to -0,01 db >
CD Wave >CDR > EAC (secure mode, offset correction) > FLAC Frontend

Additional notes/remastering (Bombdiggity):

FLACs through TLH to wav >
Edit/Track/Levels: Cool Edit Pro 2.1
SB Realign/Wav to FLACs/Fingerprints/Torrent: TLH

This source was found to be a two track mono recording with the right channel phase
shifted and significantly degraded compared to what should have been an identical left
channel (which wasn't perfect by a far cry, but was certainly better than what remained
of the right).

Since the contents of both channels were originally the same the right channel as it
existed was discarded and the left channel duplicated to its place.

It is now a true mono recording.

I'm not sure how much of the above reported lineage actually applies to this recording
as it seems a prior editor should have noticed it was really mono and done that correction
first before any additional work was attempted.

At any rate major glitches and issues were not addressed (or were subsequently introduced).
See below.

Noise reduction and tweaking were more than likely done as indicated in the reported lineage.
I have no idea what that did to the source. I made no changes beyond the channel fix (noted
above) and the essential adjustments and edits detailed below.

I will also again note that the ffp checksums that came with the file set did not match the
files, though they decompressed normally without error and do not indicate any readily
apparent playback errors.


Set 1:

Previous track marks were eliminated since they were misplaced and most of the set flows
continuously. Previous marks were slightly askew of transitions between themes rather than
at any discrete breaks between themes or songs. There was a brief applause break around 29:12,
which is now the mark between the continuous first segment and continuous second segment of the
first set (now provided as tracks 1 and 2). Track 1 being roughly the old tracks 1 through 3,
track 2 being roughly the old track 4.

Set 2:

Set 2 had varying length blank gaps at beginnings and ends of the original tracks 1 through 3
(except the beginning of track 1) that had to be clipped out to restore the continuity of the
show (since there was no stop in the music or the original tape at those track marks, thus
these were varying blank gaps apparently produced in prior track marking, editing, or copying
that were not in the original source and did not belong in the middle of the performance).
Once carefully removed and repeatedly examined and played nothing appeared to be missing at
those points where blank spaces had been introduced.

Previous track marks in set 2 were eliminated since they were again misplaced in transitions
and the entire set flows continuously with a repeated statement of a transitional theme, so
track marks were irrelevant and misleading (and seemed to only introduce blank spaces that
weren't in the master), recklessly breaking up a continuous piece of music.

Level Restoration:

The prior level setting "normalisation" seemed to only work with one or two isolated trumpet
notes in the first set (Miles surely knew how to hit "that" note and the mixer gave him lots
of room to interject it) that were very high (actually clipped) as the peaks. This left most
of the recording very low, with some major inherent flaws (also noted in the origin text file)
unadjusted. The level fluctuations from segment to segment seemed to have very little or no
relation to the music or the concert itself.

Judiciously picking the proper points I don't think you'll hear changes from my level fixes
at all, but I've noted exactly where they were.

Set 1:

From 0 to 29:12.608 : Boosted 4.5 db with hard limit of -.5 db, no clipping.
From 29:12.608 to end: Boosted 3 db with hard limit of -.5 db, no clipping not already in source.
Boosted 4 db from approx :13 to 1:36 to repair a severe level drop (perhaps from mic movement).
Boosted 3 db from 0 to 6:15:291 since this segment was for no apparent musical reason still much
weaker than the remainder of the set.

Set 2:

From 0 to 22:30.890 : Boosted 5 db with hard limit of -.5 db, no clipping not in source.
From 22:30.890 to end: Boosted 7 db with hard limit of -.5 db, no clipping not in source.

NOTE: Just prior to my Set 2 level change (and roughly corresponding to an original track marking)
there was significant noise/minor inherent distortion which suddenly stops at this point in the
original, though the music is continuous (this was way more noticeable in the dropped channel).
The audio quality improves immediately, and somewhat inexplicably, at that point.

It ain't perfect but it's way better. I don't have the "second" original remaster version so don't
quite know how that stacks up but since it leaves in the faulty channel it will not be as enjoyable
as this.

Miles Ludwigshafen 1973 origin notes.txt

This is the original source file set which matches (in size) what I worked from
with the most recent reseed. It was the first version posted:

Torrent: 48291
Title: Miles Davis 1973-11-02 Ludwigsburg
Size: 614.65 MB
Category: Jazz
Uploaded by: kablukiw

Not a great recording (probably a generous B) so be forewarned!

Miles Davis
Ludwigshafen, Germany
(also circulates as Ludwigshalle, Ludwigsburg, Germany)
November 2, 1973

CD 1/2 First Set
1. Turnaroundphrase
2. Tune in 5
3. Unknown Title 730620
4. Ife

CD 2/2 Second Set
1. Right Off
2. Funk [Prelude, part 1]
3. Calypso Frelimo
4. For Dave (slow)

Miles Davis (tpt, org); Dave Liebman (ss, ts, fl); Pete Cosey (g, perc); Reggie
Lucas (g); Michael Henderson (el-b); Al Foster (d); James Mtume Foreman (cga,

AU>MCA>CAS(recorded on Nakamichi deck and PB on Nakamichi LX-3)>Marian Marc 2
(setting 24 bit/64 Khz)>HD>reconstruction remaster with WaveLab 6.0, using Sonic
Noise Reduction at highest solution, Steinberg & Sonic Foundry EQs, 16 bit/44.1
Khz down-sampling, normalisation to -0,01 db>CD Wave>CDR>EAC (secure mod, off
set correction>FLAC Frontend


Another post subsequent to that from another uploaded seems to shed light on the
origins of the source material:

Torrent: 142016
Title: Miles Davis_1973-11-2 Ludwigsburg, Ger aka Ludwigshafen, Ger
Size: 604.11 MB
Category: Jazz
Uploaded by: valleybird

Miles Davis
1973-11-2_Ludwigshalle, Ludwigsgurg, Ger.
aka Friederich-Ebert-Halle, Ludwigshafen, Ger. same date

A previous remaster I did of this first generation probably was been seeded of
some trading partners. Meanwhile I made a new remaster of this historic
collector item. It still doesn't sound excellent, but the result is a clear cut
improvement of this recording, done with pretty mediocre equipment. The first
few minutes of the master got a tracking problem, which sounds as if the taper
had the recorder swallowed, or stuffed upwards in his colon in order not to get
discoverewd...just a joke...every Miles interested collector should be grateful
to the original taper for being there and taping the show as best he was able to
do. It was a great show, everybody who is interested into shouldn't miss to get
this new remaster of this poor quality recording, which never sound as good
before in my opinion.

I received this copy from a collector who is a friend of the taper of this
recording (Heribert B.). He has loaned the masters from this guy to make a first
generation for me (1st gen recorded on Nakamichi Dragon).
This guy mentioned that Heribert B. has misslabled the recording by joke.
As he said, the Miles Davis show of 1973-11-2 was at Friederich-Ebert-Halle,
Ludwigshafen, Ger.
This venue in Ludwigshafen, a city in the small urban center including
Heidelberg, Mannheim and Ludwigshafen, was a regular place for concerts in those
days. Often, when US acts performed in the former West-Germany for only one, or
just a few date(s), they usually played in US garnison citys/areas. This usually
was in bigger citys, not in small citys like Ludwigsburg, which is close to
Another guy I know has been at the show. Then he lived in Frankfurt. He couldn't
remember clearly, but he reminded for the time it took about, to drive by car to
the concert. Because of this, it seems like the show was in Ludwigshafen, not in
Ludwigsburg. Maybe someone knows somebody who has been at the show, to confirm
one, or the other place.

CD 1/2
2.Tune In 5
3.Unknown G

CD 2/2
1.Right Off
2.Untitled Original C
3.Calypso Frelimo
4.For Dave (slow)

Set list as released in Jan Lohmannís 'The Sound Of Miles Davis'.

Miles Davis: Trumpet, Yamaha Organ
Dave Liebman: Tenor & Soprano Saxophones, Flute
Pete Cosey: Guitar
Reggy Lucas: Guitar
Michael Henderson: Bass Guitar
Mtume Heath: Percussion
Al Foster: Drums

AUD>MCA>CAS(REC: Nak. Dragon PB: Nak LX-3>Marian Marc 2 (setting: 24 bit/64
Khz)>HD>remaster with WaveLab 5.0, using 32, 48 & 64 bit solution plug ins 16
bit/64 Khz downsampling>normalisation to -0.01 db>CD Wave tracking>Flac Frontend
level 8