1970-07-19_22, Dick Cavett Show, ABC-TV Studios, NYC

Disco1970-07-19_22, Dick Cavett Show, ABC-TV Studios, NYC
VenueUSA, ABC-TV Studios, New York, NY
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
Original torrent name: Miles Davis - 1970-07-19_22, Dick Cavett Show, ABC-TV Studios, NYC (TV).torrent
Original folder name: Miles Davis - 1970-07-19_22, Dick Cavett Show, ABC-TV Studios, NYC (TV)

Miles Davis Septet
July 19-22, 1970
ABC-TV Studios
New York, NY

Project ID - LMPP218

Source: TV broadcast
Lineage: The Dick Cavett Show > ?? > "Bits & Pieces" compilation > TLH (decode files) > cd wave > flac lvl 8 (TLH)

Miles Davis (tpt); Steve Grossman (ss); Chick Corea (el-p); Keith Jarrett (org); Dave Holland (el-b); Jack DeJohnette (d); Airto Moreira (perc); Dick Cavett (ann)

disc 1

d1t01. Intro
d1t02. Directions > The Theme



- d1t01: There are some noticible level changes in the intro.

- d1t02: There are a few level fluctuations in this track also.

- d1t03: This track cuts and goes into another song which is cut then cuts again and goes into the closing announcement from Dick Caveat.

- This is one of the heard better, heard worse shows. The balance is not quite there but it is definetly listenable. Miles and Airto are way low in the mix. The sound goes some periods where it sounds very stifled. The performance itself is very energetic and very short. I have to assume that there was a lot more to this performance from Dicks last announcement.

- This set came to me as a single flac file. I decoded this with TLH and cut tracks in cd wave. no other work was performed on this source.

- "Recorded (probably between July 19 and 22) for The Dick Cavett Show. Broadcast on July 22, 1970."- Credit to Peter Losin, http://www.plosin.com/

- QC done by Bgreen

c50c7fb8b9bc7c289b8b643e5cc87431 *md1970-07-(19-22).tv.lmpp218.d1t01.flac
7e998d472b4f69dd350983bc3351b114 *md1970-07-(19-22).tv.lmpp218.d1t02.flac
f771c62ae334a23f2177bb40c0e5b33f *md1970-07-(19-22).tv.lmpp218.d1t03.flac


b82058dc94958adabd8434cb2f5300a5 [shntool] md1970-07-(19-22).tv.lmpp218.d1t01.flac
8357a9f233f3244d7d3e78e774bb4b04 [shntool] md1970-07-(19-22).tv.lmpp218.d1t02.flac
a0d444048861dfc72b92b2fed3a430e4 [shntool] md1970-07-(19-22).tv.lmpp218.d1t03.flac

length expanded size cdr WAVE problems fmt ratio filename
0:57.05 10066604 B --- -- ---xx md1970-07-(19-22).tv.lmpp218.d1t01.flac
7:00.62 74233868 B --- -- ---xx md1970-07-(19-22).tv.lmpp218.d1t02.flac
0:30.55 5421404 B --- -- ---xx md1970-07-(19-22).tv.lmpp218.d1t03.flac
8:28.47 89721876 B 0.5734 (3 files)

spectral analysis from TLH
md1970-07-(19-22).tv.lmpp218.d1t01.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%.
md1970-07-(19-22).tv.lmpp218.d1t02.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 99%.
md1970-07-(19-22).tv.lmpp218.d1t03.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%.

old md5
7f98630cf06a15d9cfe3d52a34f25a1e *Track01.flac