1964-10-08 Sindelfingen (partial-rm)

Disco1964-10-08 Sindelfingen (partial-rm)
VenueGermany, Stadthalle, Sindelfingen
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
Original torrent name: MD1964-10-08Sindelfingen_partialRM.torrent
Original folder name: MD1964-10-08Sindelfingen_partialRM
Miles Davis1964-10-08Sindelfingen_partialRM_v2.txt

Miles Davis Quintet
October 8, 1964 (partial)
Sindelfingen, West Germany

Contrast clause: see description below.

Miles Davis, tr
Wayne Shorter, ts
Herbie Hancock, p
Ron Carter, b
Tony Williams, dr

1. Autumn Leaves 10:56 (early show)
2. Joshua/The Theme 10:38 (late show)
3. So What 9:06 (early show)
4. Milestones 7:00 (late show)
05 No Blues 9:58 (late show)

This is a partial but better sounding combination of tracks from the two concerts the quintet played at Sindelfingen, uploaded on 2010-12-01 as complete (?) FM broadcasts (torrents 333578 & 333580) by Blacksatin, to whom all who read this are enormously indebted. This version is based on a rip of the bootleg CD "Miles Davis - Davisiana, Moon Records MCD 033" (torrent 225298 uploaded by petercherman) that I remastered in early 2009 (my torrent 240953). This version differs from my earlier upload insofar as former track 4, wrongly identified as Milestones/The Theme, is now split in two tracks. Tracks 1-3 are identical, the accompanying files evidently are not.

In my remaster I applied varying amounts of phase correction, with a remarkable effect on the stereo image, narrowed the stereo image a little to compensate for the remaining shifts and unevennesses, levelled the volume, applied a small amount of noise reduction to the first two tracks and equalization (separate for the two channels) throughout. I also made some other small corrections, retracked all tracks and manually repaired a few glitches.

Original lineage: Radio broadcasts > Moon Records silver > Express Rip > CD Wave > Trader's Little Helper > Dime
Additional lineage: flac > aiff > 24bit editing/remastering (ProTools LE with various plugins) > 16bit aiff > flac (xACT)