1969-10-31 Vienna (rm)

Disco1969-10-31 Vienna (rm)
VenueAustria, Stadthalle, Wien
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
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Miles Davis Quintet
October 31, 1969
Stadthalle, Wien/Vienna (Austria)

Miles Davis tp
Wayne Shorter ss, ts
Chick Corea el-p
Dave Holland b, el-b
Jack DeJohnette dr

01 Band warming up > Bitches Brew/voiceover TV announcement 0:51
02 Bitches Brew (Davis) 13:38
03 Agitation (Davis)/Super Nova (Shorter) 9:52
04 Miles Runs The Voodoo Down (Davis) 14:17
05 I Fall In Love Too Easily (Cahn-Styne) 2:39
06 Sanctuary (Shorter-Davis)/The Theme (Davis) > applause and stage announcement 4:27

TT 45:44

Note: As Wayne Shorter begins his ss solo in t03, he clearly goes straight into his "Super Nova", recorded two months earlier for Blue Note (Super Nova, BST 84332). Uncommented by Peter Losin, this is very much different from his solos on the few other occasions when Agitation was performed during the 1969 European tour.

Contrast clause:
This remaster is based on the recording kindly uploaded by Blacksatin on 2010/12/04 (torrent 334113, still on the tracker), itself taken from LL (ID LL74). See below for issues and processing applied. For this project, I had access to Izotope RX which can do a few things that are really amazing. Short of a re-broadcast, I think this version qualifies as a definite remaster.

The Austrian TV announcer has all the titles wrong, but makes some interesting remarks. Apparently a considerable part of the audience left because they did not like what they heard ("Only the adepts stayed", he says). This is not all that surprising considering that Miles was sharing the bill with the Lionel Hampton Orchestra, the Newport All Stars and Duke Ellington, at a moment when he was really heading in new "Directions in Music".

Issues: Pitch way too low; high hiss level; variable crackling noise throughout; continuous high-frequency tone varying between approximately 15480 and 15830 Hz ((although I simply could not hear this with my middle-aged ears, a younger person found it very disturbing); some clipping (most notably in t04 from 4:49 to 5:00 but with several other occurrences, also in t02 and t03)

My manipulations:
Phase found OK, left as it was
Musical signal found clean mono
Pitch raised by 110 cents (following Professor Goody's suggestion, verified by comparison with the Bitches Brew Mastersound CD set)
Repaired clipping using Izotope RX's Declip
Click/crackle filter run at three different strengths, reassembled resulting tracks by listening and choosing those parts with as little filtering as necessary (as higher settings risked affecting percussion and trumpet)
Extra click/crackle filter run on parts without percussion (in t04 and t05), except trumpet where it was affected, Izotope RX's Deconstruct run on the same parts (lowering the strictly non-tonal contents by 2.0 to 2.5 dB)
Careful NR at low setting to lower the hiss without producing audible artifacts
Several short occurences of higher hiss levels, volume shifts and drops, and a few remaining clicks repaired manually
EQed to lower the very thick low end and raise the high frequencies
Feedback of the electric piano lowered in t02 from 8:32 to 9:02 using Izotope RX's Spectral Repair
Smoothed levels and fade-out during final applause
Filtered continuous high-frequency tone (see above) using Izotope RX's Spectral Repair
Converted to true mono

Thanks to Blacksatin, Goody and the LL team!

Original lineage: Unknown TV Broadcast > reel-to-reel tape (unknown equipment) > ?? > CD > flac 8
Additional lineage: flac > aiff > 24bit processed and edited (ProTools LE with various plug-ins; Izotope RX) > 16bit AIFF > flac 8 (xACT)