Miles and Monk at Newport

DiscoMiles and Monk at Newport
VenueUSA, Festival Field, Newport, RI
NotesOriginal folder names:
1958 1963 - Miles Davis & Thelonious Monk - Live At Newport
Pochettes & Livret
July 3, 1958 (7 items; TT = 40:15)
Festival Field, Newport RI
Commercial for Columbia
Miles Davis Sextet

Miles Davis (tpt); Julian "Cannonball" Adderley (as); John Coltrane (ts); Bill Evans (p); Paul Chambers (b); Jimmy Cobb (d); Willis Conover (ann)

1 Introduction (Willis Conover) 1:36
"In the Ellington conception, it isn't the instrument being played that makes the difference, but the man who plays it. The leader of our next group has found himself in the same situation which Mr. Ellington has known, that of establishing a very distinctive, original personal sound, and then hearing it coming back from all his admirers, and being forced to extend his own creative boundaries once again to find something that is again distinctively his own. I'd like to introduce the members of the group, one at a time. At the drums, Jimmy Cobb... On bass, Paul Chambers... At the piano, Bill Evans... Tenor saxophone, John Coltrane... Alto, Julian Cannonball Adderley... " (Voice from crowd: "Don't move 'em boys, don't touch 'em. Don't move the mikes.") "And the leader, trumpet, Miles Davis..."

2 Stage chatter 0:39
Unkn: "Hey, tell Chambers to leave everything alone. He's all right... Just leave everything alone..." Unkn (to Cobb): "Here y'go, Jimmy." Cobb: "Thank you, Edward R. Murrow..." Tune up and count off.

3 Ah-Leu-Cha (C. Parker) 5:52
During the applause Davis calls for "Straight, No Chaser" (5:45).

4 Straight, No Chaser (T. Monk) 8:47
During the applause Davis calls for the next tune (8:42).

5 Fran Dance (M. Davis) 7:13
During the applause Davis calls for "Two Bass Hit" (7:04).

6 Two Bass Hit (J. Lewis-D. Gillespie) 4:10
During the applause Davis calls for "Bye Bye Blackbird" (4:07).

7 Bye Bye Blackbird (R. Henderson-M. Dixon) 9:10
Adderley out

8 The Theme (M. Davis) 2:48
Conover: "Miles Davis..." during closing applause (2:45).