1989-11-15 Vienna

Disco1989-11-15 Vienna
VenueAustria, Z-Club-Zelt, Vienna
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
Original torrent name: MD1989-11-15Vienna_aud.torrent
Original folder name: MD1989-11-15Vienna_aud
MD 1989-11-15 Vienna_aud.txt

Miles Davis Septet
November 15, 1989
Z-Club-Zelt, Wien/Vienna, Austria

Miles Davis tp, synth
Kenny Garrett as, fl
Kei Akagi synth
Joseph "Foley" McCreary lead e-b
Benny Rietveld e-b
Ricky Wellman dr
John Bigham e-perc

01 Intro & Applause 0:38
02 Perfect Way (G. Gartside-D. Gamson) 6:24
03 Star People (M. Davis) 12:41
04 Hannibal (M. Miller) 10:24
05 Jo-Jo (M. Miller) 4:27
06 Amandla (M. Miller) 5:57
07 Human Nature (S. Porcaro-J. Bettis) 10:36 incomplete*
08 Mr Pastorius (M. Davis) 4:44
09 Tutu (M. Miller) 18:14
10 Jilli (J. Bigham) 5:36
11 Wrinkle (E. Davis) 9:32 incomplete, cuts out

*t07 cuts at 5:13 (tape flip, some music missing) and again at 6:22, followed by 2:13 of silence on my cassette copy. Apparently the same duration of music is missing. A comparison to Klaus Werner's timing (see below) suggests that taken together between 2:30 and 3:00 of music are missing in t07.

TT 1:29:13

Lineage: aud > cass > cass copy > HD (Mbox 2) > 32bit processed and edited (Izotope RX, Sound Studio 4) > dithered to 16bit (Izotope RX) > flac (8) (xACT)

This comes from an aud recording made by a friend with a walkman-style recorder with a built-in stereo mic and (probably) auto gain. The sound is much better than one would expect from such simple equipment, although with some disturbing noise from the crowd. My copy is first generation. As I still hope to get hold of the master cassette (up to now my friend did not manage to find it) I decided to share my version with only an intermediate amount of polishing.

This source is uncirculated. Peter Losin does not list the show. Klaus Werner has it on his Kind of Blue website (http://www.kind-of-blue.de/seiten/sessions/details/session_1989_15_november.htm) but his information is coming from a different source. His timings (which do not seem to include the applause) are all shorter so I assume his source is running sharp. The set list above is taken from his listing which includes five tracks that are missing here because the tape ran out (Time After Time, The Senate/Me and You, Don't Stop Me Now, Carnival Time, In A Silent Way).

Processing/editing (all in 32bit resolution):
- Pitch corrected (+8 ct)
- Careful NR at fairly low setting
- EQ (raised the high-end frequencies)
- Manually repaired a few glitches
- Volume levelled at the beginning
- Very short fades where music cuts in or out

Note: t07 continues after the tape flip with the bass playing a half-note lower (A instead of B-flat). This might be taken to suggest an incorrect tape speed (which is what I first thought when I noticed it). I carefully checked and found that the pitch is exactly the same on both sides.