1973-07-16 Pescara

Disco1973-07-16 Pescara
VenueItaly, Parco delle Naiadi, Pescara
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
Original torrent name: MD1973-07-16Pescara_sourceB_rm.torrent
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Miles Davis 1973-07-16 Pescara (aud source B remaster).txt

Miles Davis Septet
5 Festival Internazionale del Jazz
Parco delle Naiadi
Pescara, Italy

Source B
Inamorata pitch-correct remaster

Miles Davis tp
Dave Liebman ss, ts, fl
Pete Cosey g, perc
Reggie Lucas g
Michael Henderson e-b
Al Foster dr
James Mtume Foreman cga, perc

First Set [d1 51:49]
01 Band warming up & stage announcement 1:17
02 Turnaroundphrase 18:21
03 Tune in 5 12:58
04 Untitled G (with applause) 18:51
05 Crowd noise and closing stage announcement 0:22

Second Set [d2 57:50]
6 Ife 31:34
7 Tune in 5 (with applause) 26:16

TT 1:49:39

Lineage: Aud cassette > ? > DAT > CDR > plaz edits (see below) > flac
Additional lineage: flac > HD > 24bit remastered (ProTools LE, Izotope RX) > dithered to 16bit (Izotope RX) > flac (8) (xACT)

d1 t04: There is a cut during the applause before d1t05 starts.
d2 t01: A few seconds of music might be missing at the start. There is a cut at 8:15.360 with 0:09 of music missing. Taper's batteries are gradually running out, leading to increasing distortions and a flutter effect. Pitch remains largely unaffected.
d2 t02: Distortions and flutter remains until 8:02.297 where there is a cut with 0:11 of music missing. After that, the recording continues with fresh batteries.

DIME member plaz_restore kindly provided me with three different aud sources of this show. This is his source B. Two versions have been circulating on DIME according to the bot list: one uploaded by jkeisers in May 2008 (torrent 198332, "Miles Davis - Pescara - July 16, 1973 (request)", and one included in an upload by alienman in May 2005 (torrent 40690, "Miles Davis 1973 Stuff Part two 8 Cds"). The jkeisers upload is source A, apparently a higher generation copy of source B; the alienman upload does not match any of the 4 sources collected by plaz_restore. There also exists a Mega-Disc bootleg.
Source B (with some restoration work already done by plaz_restore) is the most complete source and covers the whole show. However, it has two cuts and a serious issue with battery power during set 2 (see notes above). All of these issues are not there in source C, which lacks about 30 minutes of music in set 1 and 2:43 at the start of set 2. The recording is quite good for an aud of the period. Reggie Lucas's guitar is a bit dominant in the mix.

- smoothed out gain fluctuations near start of track 2
- balanced channels
- repaired clicks, pops and drop outs
- clipped and/or attenuated close applasue

Inamorata 24bit processing/remaster:
- Inverted right track as channels were phase opposed
- Variable phase correction: +0 to +2 samples in right track
- Pitch correction: set 1 +90 to 100 ct, set 2 +90 to 105 ct (ProTools LE)
- Repaired clipped applause (Izotope RX)
- Further smoothed levels (ProTools LE)
- EQ: raised high frequencies by approx. 6 dB (more would overemphasize existing high-level distortions)
- Declick, decrackle and NR filters at faily low settings (Izotope RX, ProTools LE)