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Miles Davis - Sessions UPDATE

Damn! Just as I was ready to publish this post, I got even more unreleased Miles stuff! I was intending for this to be my last post of unreleased Miles for a while but now it looks like I will have to do a few more. So, while this one is probably the largest one you'll see here, keep your eyes opened for even more!

For those familiar with bootleg Miles recordings, there is a series of releases known as the Unknown Sessions compilations. They cover studio material from 1970 through 1976, although they're not known for detailed session information. Using their details as well as those of the aforementioned Miles Ahead, I've taken every track featured in those collections that has not been officially released and I'm including them here. Everything from the original post is included in these files so I'm deleting those links from the initial post. There are now roughly three hours of unreleased material which has been, to the best of my knowledge, accurately labeled and dated. Of course, I'm not claiming to be a Miles Davis expert, I'll give that credit to the Miles Ahead folks, but I definitely love his music, especially his seventies recordings, and I hope you enjoy these recordings as much as I do. Oh, and if you need another reason to visit Miles Ahead (as if I haven't pushed you in that direction firmly enough), I'm not going to list the line-ups for all these recordings. It took a long time the first time and it'll take forever this time, so please forgive my laziness but I'm sure you'll enjoy these recordings regardless.

There are other recordings I've since acquired which I thought about posting here, but they are available elsewhere and I'd like to give credit to someone who has been rather helpful in my search for Miles goodies, so I'd like to refer you to JR Heat Warps' excellent blog, The Heat Warps. There you will find a plethora of jazz and fusion goodies, but you will also find volumes one and two of the Deep Brew compilations which feature unedited recordings from the actual Bitches Brew sessions! I love Bitches Brew and the box-set dedicated to it's source material, but it's name, The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions, is terribly misleading. None of the unedited session recordings are featured on it and they are fascinating, so snatch this up over at The Heat Warps and and some spice to your brew!

Miles Davis - Sessions

01 So What (incomplete take, 3/20/70)
02 Untitled Original (unknown take, 4/7/70)
03 Jabali (Take 2, 7/12/72)
04 Billy Preston (unknown take, 12/8/72)
05 Untitled Original A (Take 2, 4/24/73)
06 Untitled Original A (Take 3, 4/24/73)
07 Untitled Original B (Take 1, 4/24/73)
08 Big Fun (Take 1, 7/26/73)
09 Peace (Remake Take 3a, 7/26/73)
10 Peace (Remake Take 3b, 7/26/73)
11 Dominique (Take 1, 6/20/74)
12 Sound (Take 2, 11/6/74)
13 What They Do (Take 13, 11/6/74)
14 Turn Of The Century (unknown take, 2/27/75)
15 Minnie (Takes 3 and 4, 5/5/75)
16 Minnie (Take 6, 5/5/75)
17 Minnie (Take 6 Remix, 5/5/75)
18 Minnie (Take 7, 5/5/75)
19 Minnie (Take 7 Remix, 5/5/75)
20 Untitled Original (Take 2, 5/5/75)
21 Untitled Original (Take 3, 3/30/76)
22 Untitled Original (Take 5, 3/30/76)
23 Song Of Landa (Take 2, 3/30/76)
24 Song Of Landa (Take 6, 3/30/76)
25 TDK Funk (incomplete take, 12/27/76)