1988-02-16 Miramas

Disco1988-02-16 Miramas
VenueFrance, Palais Paul Videl, Miramas, Avignon
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
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Miles Davis 1988-02-16 Mirimas (Dsbd)
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Miles Davis Octet
Palais Paul Videl
Mirimas, France
2cdr, Dsbd, dat>cdb>cdr, 104:28, A+

I don't know of a better-sounding Miles Davis recording and the performance is stellar throughout.

This recording has been bootlegged severally. I recently saw a (digi-pak) version in HMV.
The version here is from Delta 46007/46008 which sounds a little crisper and fuller than the Laserlight version and was issued by Delta Music (www.deltamusic.com).

- Miles Davis Live, Delta 46007/8 (covers list “South of France", "Avignon", and "Summer of 1988")
- His Last Concert in Avignon, Laserlight (covers list "July 1988 in Avignon")
- Live in Avignon, 1988 (digi-pak), no date, no label

Miles Davis (tpt, keyb); Kenny Garrett (as, fl); Robert Irving III (synth); Adam Holzman (synth); Joe Foley McCreary (sop el-b, el-b); Darryl Jones* (el-b); Ricky Wellman (dr); Rudy Bird (perc)

CD1 [50:44]
1 Intruder 9:38
2 New Blues 8:45
3 One Phone Call > Street Scenes 11:23
4 Perfect Way 4:41
5 The Senate > Me & You 16:13

CD2 [53:44]
1 Tutu 13:17
2 Movie Star 5:39
3 Splatch 11:32
4 Time After Time 8:25
5 Wayne’s Tune 10:23
6 Full Nelson 4:14

* Darryl Jones' last performance with Miles Davis

DAT recording by Ron Lorman - soundboard/microphone matrix using a pair of Beyer Dynamic microphones on two separate poles, one on each side of the mixing desk, in A-B mixing mode, mixed in at a low ratio (15-20%) with an appropriate time-delay.