1969-06 Chicago (Plugged Nickel Club)

Disco1969-06 Chicago (Plugged Nickel Club)
VenueUSA, Plugged Nickel Club, Chicago, Illinois
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
Original torrent name: Miles_Davis_Chicago_June_1969 sound improved & speed corrected.torrent
Original folder name: Miles_Davis_Chicago_June_1969 sound improved & speed corrected
md1969-06-(4-14).LL136 sound improved pitch fixed.txt

Miles Davis Quintet
Plugged Nickel Club
Chicago, Illinois Sound Improved Pitch Fixed !!!

Project ID - LL136

Source: Audience Recording mono
Lineage: Audience Recording > ?? > wave > flac

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This is an improvement of the following Torrent:
Torrent #277442 Miles Davis Chicago Plugged Nickel June 1969
see below for details about improvement

Miles Davis (tpt);
Wayne Shorter (ss, ts);
Chick Corea (el-p);
Dave Holland (b, el-b);
Jack DeJohnette (d)

disc 1

01 Gingerbread Boy -15cts 13:20 13:30
02 Masqualero [-20 ...-30cts] 13:25 13:39
03 Agitation -30cts 16:09 16:34
04 Milestones -50cts (start & Miles solo), -65cts (rest of track) 15:02 15:22
------------------------------------------------------- TT 59:08
on the right timings after pitch correction
Uploaded By u014945 february 2012

A Flambay - u014945 production

The main problem was that the 2 channells were not sinchronized !!

now they are !!

at a first glance the tape appearead stereo as it is not !!!

The sound now is better !! (less boomy then before)

the problemlisted by the original uploader had been almost all fixed ( see below my comments:)

Notes: (the timings are those before pitch fixing>)

- d1t01: at 2:11 there is a severe drop in the levels that last through to 2:13, (partially fixed)
there is a drop out at 5:27. ( fixed)

static bursts/ digi pops at 9:37, 9:52, 10:09, and 10:12, 10:26
10:41, 11:54 almost all fixed

- d1 t02 drop at 6:15 fixed

- d1t03: The sound gets very rough at about 2:16 and follows through to a drop out at 2:29 fixed !!

- d1t04: Track is cut at the end, music lost. clicks at 6:59 7.00 9:13 fixed

- The quality on this one is lacking. The sound is very muffled and muddy.
Leaves a lot to be desired. I've definetly heard better, but I've also heard much worse.

- "I'm not sure of the date of this music. The Davis Quintet was booked at the Plugged
Nickel from June 4-14 (Wednesday-Saturday), with a break on Monday-Tuesday, June 9-10.
One of the concerts was reviewed in Down Beat (August 7, 1969), where reviewer Larry Kart remarked,
"Outside of Charlie Parker's best units, I don't think there's ever been a group so at
ease at up tempos as Miles' Davis' current quintet. Their relaxation at top speed enables
them to move at will from the 'hotness' up-tempo playing usually implies to a serene
lyricism in the midst of turmoil." "- Credit to Peter Losin, http://www.plosin.com/

- QC done by Bgreen

e0f0dbe9f4ba3f3a729d21b26e49594a *md1969-06-(4-14).LL136.d1t01.flac
8acdc62bcc230712726d9276b5a31816 *md1969-06-(4-14).LL136.d1t02.flac
cd7c3ed2a2e093585f4ce593874f9286 *md1969-06-(4-14).LL136.d1t03.flac
5a13430e5a2b9eba5f9142e6c369d13c *md1969-06-(4-14).LL136.d1t04.flac


length expanded size cdr WAVE problems filename
13:22.69 141635132 --- -- ---xx md1969-06-(4-14).LL136.d1t01.flac
13:27.31 142427756 --- -- ---xx md1969-06-(4-14).LL136.d1t02.flac
16:08.09 170776412 --- -- ---xx md1969-06-(4-14).LL136.d1t03.flac
15:00.07 158776508 --- -- ---xx md1969-06-(4-14).LL136.d1t04.flac
57:58.41 613615808 B (totals for 4 files, 0.5466 overall compression ratio)

spectral analysis from TLH
md1969-06-(4-14).LL136.d1t01.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%
md1969-06-(4-14).LL136.d1t02.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%
md1969-06-(4-14).LL136.d1t03.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%
md1969-06-(4-14).LL136.d1t04.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%

old md5 and ffp
e0f0dbe9f4ba3f3a729d21b26e49594a *Track01.flac
8acdc62bcc230712726d9276b5a31816 *Track02.flac
cd7c3ed2a2e093585f4ce593874f9286 *Track03.flac
5a13430e5a2b9eba5f9142e6c369d13c *Track04.flac