Miles Davis Plays Prince Volume Two

DiscoMiles Davis Plays Prince Volume Two
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Miles Davis Plays Prince Volume Two
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Miles Davis Plays Prince - Live Vol. 2

This is a compilation with the best songs I could find or get of Miles playing Prince compositions.

I used Audacity effects in some cases to make tracks sound better (to my personal taste).

Thanks to all the tapers, traders, uploaders and St. Antonio Nicklaus for helping me out.

01 1987-06-02 Movie Star - Jerusalem Israel
02 1987-06-03 Movie Star - Caesaria Israel
03 1987-07-12 Movie Star - Umbria Italy

04 1988-07-13 Movie Star - Nice France
05 1988-10-30 Movie Star - Warsaw Poland
06 1988-08-27 Movie Star - New York USA (mp3)
07 1988-12-17 Movie Star - New York USA

08 1991-06-23 Penetration - Philadelphia USA
09 1991-03-26 R U Legal Yet - Cologne Germany
10 1991-03-26 Jailbait - Cologne Germany
11 1991-07-01 Penetration - Vienne France
12 1991-07-01 Jailbait - Vienne France
13 1991-07-23 Penetration - Rome Italy

I hope you enjoy them - have fun.

If you have better quality or other songs you like to share please let me know - as this is an ongoing project.