1967-11-01 Helsinki

Disco1967-11-01 Helsinki
VenueFinland, Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org
Original archive name: miles davis- 1967-11-01 Helsinki - Radio Broadcast sound improved.torrent
Original folder name: miles davis- 1967-11-01 Helsinki - Radio Broadcast sound improved
md1967-11-01.LL124 sound improved.txt

Miles Davis Quintet
Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki Finland
Yleisradio YLE Broadcast
November 1, 1967 Sound improved !!!

Yleisradio YLE Broadcast > ?? > wave > flac

Miles Davis (tpt); Wayne Shorter (ts); Herbie Hancock (p); Ron Carter (b); Tony Williams (d)

01 Announcements > Footprints 10:22
02 'Round Midnight/ 5:14

The transition from the announcement to the beginning of the music was a bit abrupt I have added
a bit of silence in between

The bad skip at 9:27 through 9:37. has been cut - now it is almost unnoticeable

The 4 second gap has been removed now the music flows freely from Footprints to Round Midnight

In track 2 From 1'55" on we had 2 sections of 20" repeated (highly likely 2 different tapes split together)
I cut one of these off and now all is perfect !!



original info below:

- 01: The announcements are cut at both the beginning and end of the track during applause. There is a bad skip at 9:27 through 9:37.
I've reviewed four different sources of this show and this skip exists in all of them. I would love to find a source that doesn't have this.
- 02: There is a four second gap between d1t01 and d1t02. Levels fade to a almost nothing at 2:14 through 2:20.
The end of the track fades out during the announcers voiceover with the music still playing.
- A very nice, short recording. The quality is very good, and the playing leaves you wanting more.


10:33.23 111715340 --- -- ---xx md1967-11-01.LL124.d1t01.flac
5:37.47 59557388 --- -- ---xx md1967-11-01.LL124.d1t02.flac
16:10.70 171272728 B (2 files)


md1967-11-01.LL124.d1t01.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%
md1967-11-01.LL124.d1t02.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%