1974-01-27 Toronto

Disco1974-01-27 Toronto
VenueCanada, Massey Hall, Toronto
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org #425269
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Original folder name: Miles-Davis_Toronto_1974-01-27

Miles Davis
January 27, 1974
Massey Hall, Toronto
Ontario, Canada

Miles Davis (tp, kb)
Dave Liebman (ss, ts, fl)
Pete Cosey (g, pc)
Reggie Lucas (g)
Michael Henderson (b)
Al Foster (d)
James "Mtume" Foreman (pc)

first set:
1. stage noise (01:02)
2. Moja/Nne [Turnaroundphrase] (12:40)
3. Tune in 5 (06:60)
4. Zimbabwe (My Brother) (11:03)
5. Right Off (03:00)
6. Tatu [Funk (Prelude, part 1)] (11:05)

second set:
1. tuning and stage noise (00:52)
2. Ife (17:43)
3. Wili [For Dave, Mr. Foster] (cut in the middle) (13:37)
4. Calypso Frelimo -> Tune in 5 (nc) (15:45)

Audience Recording > ?? > Trade > EAC (4x, secure) >
Individual Wave tracks created > FLAC (level 6, with sector align)

According to Jack Chambers (vol. II, p. 263), Miles embarked on
a tour in January 1974 that would conclude with the concert at
Carnegie Hall on March 30 ('Dark Magus'). The first stop was
supposed to be the Outremont Theatre in Montreal, but that concert
was cancelled because Miles decided to attend the heavyweight
championship bout between George Foreman en Joe Frazier.
Many people did split from massey Hall after the first set.