1975-06-10 New York

Disco1975-06-10 New York
VenueUSA, Bottom Line Club, New York, NY
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Miles Davis 1975-06-10 Bottom Line Club, New York [AUD]
Show 1 - Set 1
Show 1 - Set 2
Show 2 - Set 1

I got these shows on CD in a trade pre-2002, and hadn't listened to them until recently.

Extracted with EAC at the time, the extraction log is long gone, I'm afraid, but it sounds flawless in that sense.

No jitters, digital artifacts etc. I have retracked things, taken the general level of Ife up a bit, as it was a section on the tape and as a whole part was below the level of the rest. After that I slightly increased the volume of the left channel, as it was lower, then applied a very gentle EQ to the left channel only to lift the tops, also increasing the sense of balance addressed in part by the gain change.

So lineage is some thing like:

CDR > EAC extraction > iZotope RX (gain, EQ, slight remove of noise around 15kHz)> Audacity (track marks) > FLAC level8

June 10, 1975 (12 items; TT = 96:24)
Bottom Line Club, New York NY
Audience recording (B)
Miles Davis Septet

Miles Davis (tpt, org); Sam Morrison (ss, ts, fl); Pete Cosey (g, perc); Reggie Lucas (g); Michael Henderson (el-b); Al Foster (d); James Mtume Forman (cga, perc)

First concert, first set

1 Funk [Prelude, part 1] (M. Davis) 12:57
2 Latin (incomplete) (M. Davis) 6:14
Splice at 5:32
3 Untitled Original 750505 (with applause, announcement) (M. Davis) 4:49
Rhythm section only. After the tune someone says "We had a problem with one of the amps here. We're gonna fix it. We'll be back in a few minutes." The broken amp must be for Davis's amplified trumpet, since he plays without wah-wah throughout this set

First concert, second set

4 Band warming up 0:56
5 For Dave [Mr. Foster] (M. Davis) 14:53
6 Ife (M. Davis) 7:57
7 Right Off (with applause) (M. Davis) 9:51
Splice at 0:36. Applause at end cut off

Second concert, first set

8 Band warming up 0:06
9 Maiysha (M. Davis) 12:59
10 Latin (M. Davis) 6:09
11 Untitled Original 740419 (incomplete) (M. Davis) 12:19
Splice at 7:55
12 Untitled Original 750505 (with applause) (M. Davis) 7:14
Rhythm section only; perc only 5:33-6:36