1946-03-31 Los Angeles (LL76)

Disco1946-03-31 Los Angeles (LL76)
VenueUSA, Streets of Paris, Los Angeles, CA
NotesSource: petitmachin.blogspot.com
Original folder name: md1946-03-31 Los Angeles - Radio Broadcast

Benny Carter Orchestra
Streets of Paris, Los Angeles CA
Unknown Radio Broadcast
March 31, 1946

Unknown Radio Broadcast > ?? > cd Peter Losin's Archive > cd Duplicated burner to burner > EAC > flac lvl 8

Miles Davis (tpt); Howard McGhee (tpt); Al Grey (tb); Britt Woodman (tb); Benny Carter (as); Hubert "Bumps" Myers (ts);
James Cannady (g); Sonny White (p); Thomas Moultrie (b); Percy Brice (d)

01 Just You, Just Me
02 Announcement
03 Don't Blame Me
04 Sweet Georgia Brown


- The levels sound to be a bit brighter on this Source from the previously releases LL10.
- on 01 at 4:56 the music fades out during Hubert Meyers's solo and fades back in after an unknown amount of time during
Britt Woodman's Solo.
- The end of 02 ends with "Benny Carter and his band... Jazz Session time at the Streets of Paris, it carries on until six o'clock.
And now...". The end of the announcement is then cut.
- 03 has Splices at 0:54 and 5:47. Music is lost in both instances
- 04 has some very prominent static present throughout that sound to be possible reminants of vinyl in the lineage. There is also
a Splice at 4:57 with some lost music. This track ends with the announcer voice over being cut. The crowd really gets into this last track!


7:56.05 83978204 --- -- ---xx md1946-03-31.LL76.d1t01.flac
0:08.07 1427708 --- -- ---xx md1946-03-31.LL76.d1t02.flac
8:57.01 94729196 --- -- ---xx md1946-03-31.LL76.d1t03.flac
7:33.13 79939820 --- -- ---xx md1946-03-31.LL76.d1t04.flac
24:34.26 260074928 B (4 files)


md1946-03-31.LL76.d1t01.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%
md1946-03-31.LL76.d1t02.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%
md1946-03-31.LL76.d1t03.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%
md1946-03-31.LL76.d1t04.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%