1971-03-11_14 Peabody

Disco1971-03-11_14 Peabody
VenueUSA, Lennie's on the Turnpike, Peabody
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LDB Special Series #464

Out of my 17,000+ shows and radio broadcasts, I have many concerts that were special for some reasons: the setlist, the
musicians, the venue or unexpected events. These are the ones I'd like to propose you. Most of these come from my
cassettes collection, so they will be released at a slower pace than my Master Series! But you won't be disappointed!
I will try to gather the most unusual things I have in my collection and, as always, your feedback and comments will be my
reward for all the work involved in this project.

DO NOT share this music on mp3, just convert it for your own use. Sharing mp3's is the right way to make me stop sharing
music here.

Peabody, Lennie's on the Turnpike
March 11-14, 1971

01 First fragment: What I Say > Directions > Honky Tonk (Incomplete)
02 Second fragment: What I Say (Incomplete) > Sanctuary
03 Fifth fragment: It's About That Time (Incomplete) > Sanctuary

TT 33:52

Lineage: Audience Recording > Live 1970-1973 CD > EAC (Wave) > SoundForge 10.0 Pro > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend (level 6)

Miles Davis (trumpet)
Gary Bartz (alto & soprano saxophone)
Keith Jarrett (electric piano, organ)
Michael Henderson (electric bass)
Jack DeJohnette (drums)
Airto Moreira (percussions)

Shortie but goodie with a nice sound quality, this comes from the very short tour Davis did in the spring of 1971 with a
band which was basically the one which toured Europe later in the year except for the change of drummer, with Jack
DeJohnette leaving shortly after this gig. There are three fragments that can be defined which is a kind of weired because
the sound quality is much stable throughout all the music. I can even speculate that this recording comes from the same
day, although maybe from different shows.