'Four' & More

Disco'Four' & More
Year1964 [2005]
VenueUSA, Lincoln Center, New York, NY
NotesSource: AvaxHome
Miles Davis - 'Four' & More (1964) {2005 Columbia DSD Remaster}

“In an odd bit of programming, Columbia placed the ballads from Miles Davis' February 12, 1964, concert on My Funny Valentine and the uptempo romps on this LP. Davis, probably a bit bored by some of his repertoire and energized by the teenage Tony Williams' drumming, performed many of his standards at an increasingly faster pace as time went on. These versions of "So What," "Walkin'," "Four," "Joshua," "Seven Steps to Heaven," and even "There Is No Greater Love" are remarkably rapid, with the themes quickly thrown out before Davis, George Coleman, and Herbie Hancock take their solos. Highly recommended and rather exciting music, it's one of the last times Davis would be documented playing a full set of standards.”

Personnel: Miles Davis (trumpet); Ron Carter (bass instrument); Tony Williams (drums); George Coleman (tenor saxophone); Herbie Hancock (piano)

01. So What
02. Walkin'
03. Joshua
04. Go-Go (Theme and Announcement)
05. Four
06. Seven Steps to Heaven
07. There Is No Greater Love
08. Go-Go (Theme and Announcement)