A Tribute To Jack Johnson (SACD-ISO)

DiscoA Tribute To Jack Johnson (SACD-ISO)
Year1970 [1999]
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A Tribute To Jack Johnson (1970) [Japan 1999] (SACD-ISO)
Miles Davis - A Tribute To Jack Johnson - Sony, SME Records SRGS 4504 (1999)
SACD rip via PS3 to iso (2.22GB) | Single layer only 2ch | 1970 recording | Jazz Fusion

"A masterpiece" can be the only way to describe this title, & "Mind Blowing" might describe the sonics of this JSACD. This disc really shows off what DSD can do with a master tape. Bravo!
SA-CD.net review by JW June 16, 2003:
This 1970 soundtrack - did anyone ever see this movie I wonder? - is dedicated to Jack Johnson who was a prize fighter at the beginning of the 20th century. It features John McLaughlin on guitar, Michael Henderson on Fender bass, Bill Cobham on drums, Herbie Hancock on keyboards & Hammond organ & Steve Grossman on sax. Well, at least on the 1st track. The 2nd track features a slightly different line-up with Chick Corea , Jack DeJohnette (dr), Bennie Maupin (dr), Sonny Sherrock (g) & Dave Holland (b).

This is electric jazz at its best! Or jazz-rock-funk-fusion. Together with "In A Silent Way" this album could form a bridge to Miles' more experimental work. Earlier he recorded "Bitches Brew" for example, which in my opinion is less accessible than Jack Johnson. McLaughlin's guitar work is out-of-this-world & so is the work of the rythmn sections. Henderson is laying some awesome bass foundations! Once these guys get going - & boy do they ever - they won't let go & keep you spellbound, unable to pause until you sat through the full 26+ minutes of the 1st track. After that I suggest you press 'pause' & recompose yourself for the 2nd track. Think about what you've just heard. The complicated rythmns, the fantastic solo's by Miles, the urgent & frantic Hammond Organ fills by HH & that intense & gritty guitar work by JL. The sound quality of the JSACD is beyond reproach with a natural tone, lots of air & detail.

OK. The 2nd track opener. Deep & mysterious, the trumpet solo floats in thin air only supported by a sparse bass rythmn & some guitar chords. At around 2:30 the drums kick in ever so gently, continuing to lay the foundation for Miles' his slow & pointy solo. There is a contrapoint at around 12 minutes which changes the tune & inserts a short version of the 1st track of the "In A Silent Way" album ('Shhh/Peaceful', this idea was an editing job by Macero btw). After that they get funky for the last 6 minutes of the tune, closing at 24 minutes with a tuneful & somber brass section that sometimes reminds me of the mysterious backdrops Morricone wrote for his Westerns.

A Masterpiece.
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1. Right Off
2. Yesternow


Miles Davis - trumpet
Steve Grossman - soprano saxophone
John McLaughlin - electric guitar
Herbie Hancock - organ
Michael Henderson - electric bass
Billy Cobham - drums
Teo Macero - producer
Checksum for iso:
3d18567de2298f53495b6e9f4cc83bbb *MILES DAVIS - A TRIBUTE TO JACK JOHNSON.iso