Miles Davis Play's Prince in Europe - Live Vol. 1

DiscoMiles Davis Play's Prince in Europe - Live Vol. 1
NotesSource: Guitars101
Original folder name: MD P P Vol 1
Miles Davis Play's Prince Vol1.txt

Miles Davis Play's Prince in Europe - Live Vol. 1

This is a compilation with the best songs I could find or get of Miles playing Prince compositions. These tunes have been selected because they have got very little or no tape-noise. All are soundboard - broadcasts (probably) FM, TV, tape etc. Unfortunately there are 2 converted mp3's in there but they sound okay.

I used Audicity effects in some cases to make tracks sound better (to my personal taste).
This collection would sound great in the hands of a pro which I'm not.

Thanks to all the traders, uploaders and St. Nicklaus for helping me out.

01 1986-07-27 Hopscotch, A Love Bizarre (snippet) - Pescara Italy
02 1987-07-01 Movie Star - Lugano Switzerland (sbd)
03 1988-07-07 Movie Star - Montreux Switzerland (sbd)
04 1987-07-18 One Phone Call, Street Scenes, America - Munich Germany (sbd)
05 1987-07-18 Movie Star - Munich Germany (sbd)
06 1987-11-24 Movie Star - Hamburg Germany (sbd)
07 1991-06-28 Penetration - Hamburg Germany (sbd)
08 1987-07-11 Movie Star - Nice France (sbd)
09 1988-02-16 Movie Star - Mirimas France (sbd)
10 1991-07-10 Penetration - Paris France (sbd)
11 1987-10-27 Full Nelson, A Love Bizarre - Oslo Sweden (sbd mp3)
12 1987-10-27 Movie~Star (incomplete) - Oslo Sweden (sbd mp3)
13 1988-10-17 Movie Star - Copenhagen Denmark (sbd)

I hope you enjoy them - have fun.

If you have better quality or other songs you like to share please let me know - as this is an ongoing project.