1970-10-15 San Francisco (Fillmore West, Fragment Version)

Disco1970-10-15 San Francisco (Fillmore West, Fragment Version)
VenueUSA, Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org #513638
Original folder name: MD1970-10-15 Fillmore West, San Francisco CA [SBD] Fragment Version
MD1970-10-15 Fillmore West, San Francisco CA [SBD] Fragment Version.txt

I found a CDR with three SHN files. Converted to wave, imported into Adobe Audition as one long track.

*Evened out the L/R levels a little (was very L heavy)
*Applied some mild EQ.
*Speed appeared to be fine, so created new track marks reflecting (more or less) Losin.

This is the fragment version mentioned in the notes below - NOT the whole show.


October 15, 1970 (7 items; TT = 65:03)
Fillmore West, San Francisco CA
KPFA-FM radio broadcast (B)
Miles Davis Septet

Miles Davis (tpt); Gary Bartz (ss, as); Keith Jarrett (el-p, org); Michael Henderson (el-b); Jack De Johnette (d); Airto Moreira (perc); Jumma Santos [Jim Riley] (perc)

1 Honky Tonk (M. Davis) 13:05
2 Untitled Original 701004 (M. Davis) 10:56

Voiceover announcement 2:39-4:15 on broadcast version
3 Sanctuary (W. Shorter-M. Davis) 3:36
4 Yesternow (M. Davis) 12:43
5 Bitches Brew (M. Davis) 9:19
6 Funky Tonk (M. Davis) 13:47
7 The Theme (with applause, announcement) (M. Davis) 1:37

"Well worth waiting for -- the Miles Davis Septet... For those of you who would like to know who plays in his group, I'm gonna tell ya. Gary Bartz on sax, Mike Henderson on bass, Keith Jarrett on the keyboards, Jack De Johnette on drums, Jumma Santos on conga, and Airto Moreira on the percussion -- the Miles Davis Septet..."

The Davis Septet opened for Leon Russell and Sea Train for four nights at the Fillmore Auditorium, October 15-18 (Thursday-Sunday). Columbia probably recorded these shows, and the Fillmore certainly did. None of the recordings of this show that I have heard includes "Directions," the standard set-opener. In addition to the broadcast version in general circulation (and issued on CDR by So What), there is a 25 minute fragment containing the last half of "Yesternow" (6:18), "Bitches Brew" (9:19), and the first half of "Funky Tonk" (8:58).