1971-10-21 Milano [Remaster, speed corrected]

Disco1971-10-21 Milano [Remaster, speed corrected]
VenueItaly, Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi, Milan
NotesSource: www.dimeadozen.org #518046
Original folder name: Miles Davis - 1971-10-21 Milano IT [SBD+AUD] [Remaster, speed corrected]
Miles Davis - 1971-10-21 Milano IT [SBD+AUD] [Remaster, speed corrected]_info.txt

Miles Davis Septet

October 21, 1971
Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi, Milan (Italy)
Radio Televisione Italian (RAI) radio broadcast + audience source

~~ subtr83 Remaster version, speed corrected ~~

Same as the Remaster version recently seeded by subtr83 as
Torrent #516754 Miles Davis - 1971-10-21 Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi, Milan [SBD+AUD] [Remaster]

but here:
speed corrected between -70cts and -200cts and
some tracks re-indexed along individual track titles
for this new upload.

No further audio modifications.

The Miles Davis Septet:

Miles Davis (tpt)
Gary Bartz (ss, as)
Keith Jarrett (el-p, org)
Michael Henderson (el-b)
Ndugu Leon Chancler (d)
Charles Don Alias (cga, perc)
James Mtume Foreman (cga, perc)


01 Directions [13:36] °°° fades in, start missing
02 Yesternow [11:21]
03 What I Say [17:11]
04 Sanctuary [3:19]
05 It's About That Time [13:32] °°° switch from SBD to AUD source at 1:08
06 Funky Tonk Pt.1 - Improvisation (K.Jarrett) [8:21]
07 Funky Tonk Pt.2 - Inamorata [9:01] °°° cut from tpt into sax solo at 3:16
08 Sanctuary Closing Theme & applause [0:44]

Total time 77:06 min

notes (from orig. subtr83 seed):
Golden Age of Jazz JZCD 314 silver cd consists of an incomplete RAI broadcast of the Milan show.
The source here sounds better than the one used on JZCD 314. However it also consists of the same incomplete RAI broadcast. An audience source was used from about 2 minutes into "It's about that Time" until the end in order to complete the show.
Golden Age of Jazz JZCD 314 is about 47 minutes. The complete Milan 71 show here is about 74 minutes.
(~77 minutes after speed correction)

orig. lineage:
FM source (RAI) + audience source > ? > CD > EAC secure mode > tracking (Cubase SX2) > flac encoding [1.1.1, -V, -8, sector aligned]

Remaster info (subtr83):

Split the recording into SBD and AUD sections.
EQ each differently to improve the sound.
Noise reduce the AUD source.
Blend the two sources back together.
Export as separate tracks.

Levelled volume across soundboard and audience source.

Encoded to flac and uploaded!

The sound is a bit more balanced and open now, for both sources.

Add. Lineage (flambay):
flac (subtr83) > wav > Soundforge 10: speed correction, re-tracking >
Flac TLH lvl8 w/SBA (359 MB)

speed correction details (summary):
SBD source portion: -80 ...-70 cts
AUD source portion (Tracks 05-06-07): -95 ...-90 cts
AUD source portion (final part, after cut in Funky Tonk/Inamorata): pitch bend between -200 and -80 cts

Thanks to all original tapers and contributors of this material.
Thanks to subtr83 for his previous remaster efforts.

Brought to you by subtr83 and flambay. Enjoy !!

Seeded at dimeadozen.org in February 2015


01 Directions (J. Zawinul).flac:d49ca51934b9b55df97179a73e6f3788
02 Yesternow (M. Davis).flac:bd64d2c5a06e3bbaa0d021130226b197
03 What I Say (M. Davis).flac:104ff6857a828fd8be0d1f472134bc4d
04 Sanctuary (W. Shorter-M. Davis).flac:6b117b784a8d553d64fbff80d4d64859
05 It's About That Time (M. Davis).flac:9dfcd90bc895e964f2449ac5e0041222
06 Funky Tonk Pt.1 - Improvisation (K. Jarrett).flac:abfd21bced12af5274a42b6aa1a492bc
07 Funky Tonk Pt.2 - Inamorata (M. Davis).flac:5608015c947e5885ae0e6806e5dc3ed9
08 Sanctuary (closing theme, applause) (W. Shorter-M. Davis).flac:8987e574532b801241121329499954c6

68e51a99e9e0309c2f5a230a81d5ac41 *01 Directions (J. Zawinul).flac
e22ec321afb23196b0f8914170380955 *02 Yesternow (M. Davis).flac
80b10ef70ad92d00dfb39240af9996b3 *03 What I Say (M. Davis).flac
a67f3dccd8a86faac6c246f37c0c5267 *04 Sanctuary (W. Shorter-M. Davis).flac
16c677abb1f577766a661ce8b9d1d9f3 *05 It's About That Time (M. Davis).flac
aa8f7eace5229c7e95e0810c2fff4cfa *06 Funky Tonk Pt.1 - Improvisation (K. Jarrett).flac
89649b293b75faa6c4eb327501f7579f *07 Funky Tonk Pt.2 - Inamorata (M. Davis).flac
3349362f9b85c4e33b0039cdd6fc5d29 *08 Sanctuary (closing theme, applause) (W. Shorter-M. Davis).flac