1971-10-21 Milan (Remaster)

Disco1971-10-21 Milan (Remaster)
VenueItaly, Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi, Milan
NotesSource: dimeadozen.org #516754
Original folder name: Miles Davis - 1971-10-21 Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi, Milan [SBD+AUD] [Remaster]
Original Text File
miles - milan 10-21-71 - info.txt

Miles Davis Septet

October 21, 1971
Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi, Milan (Italy)
Radio Televisione Italian (RAI) radio broadcast + audience source

Miles Davis (tpt)
Gary Bartz (ss, as)
Keith Jarrett (el-p, org)
Michael Henderson (el-b)
Ndugu Leon Chancler (d)
Charles Don Alias (cga, perc)
James Mtume Foreman (cga, perc)

03-What I Say
05-It's About That Time
06-Funky Tonk/Sanctuary

Golden Age of Jazz JZCD 314 silver cd consists of an incomplete RAI broadcast of the Milan show.
The source here sounds better than the one used on JZCD 314. However it also consists of the same incomplete RAI broadcast. An audience source was used from about 2 minutes into "It's about that Time" until the end in order to complete the show.
Golden Age of Jazz JZCD 314 is about 47 minutes. The complete Milan 71 show here is about 74 minutes.

FM source (RAI) + audience source > ? > CD > EAC secure mode > tracking (Cubase SX2) > flac encoding [1.1.1, -V, -8, sector aligned]
miles - milan 10-21-71 - 01 - directions.flac:9488439219975cd519196f49dfad1956
miles - milan 10-21-71 - 02 - yesternow.flac:170b2934cd8e51d346da42d94832c7bb
miles - milan 10-21-71 - 03 - what.i.say.flac:6a2d03a35018aa42dd75746ffb98e798
miles - milan 10-21-71 - 04 - sanctuary.flac:5d7b7deef486b6ba6bb9dacd14bed382
miles - milan 10-21-71 - 05 - it's.about.that.time.flac:ff252561f6d17c14a86f35a25aae3370
miles - milan 10-21-71 - 06 - funky.tonk - sanctuary.flac:beb525bc37a3fba770358588e658159c

Remaster info.txt

Split the recording into SBD and AUD sections.
EQ each differently to improve the sound.
Noise reduce the AUD source.
Blend the two sources back together.
Export as seperate tracks.

Levelled volume across soundboard and audience source.

Encoded to flac and uploaded!

The sound is a bit more balanced and open now, for both sources.