1986-07-27 Pescara

Disco1986-07-27 Pescara
VenueItaly, Parco delle Naiadi, Pescara
NotesSource: dimeadozen.org
Original folder names:
Miles Davis 1986-07-27c Pescara (Aud)
Unpatched tracks (C source only)
Miles Davis 1986-07-27c Pescara (Aud)_info.txt

Miles Davis
Parco delle Naiadi
Pescara, Italy

~~ Source C: audience recording #2, 122:18 min, B+ ~~

More complete version of this concert,
compared to shorter Source A(AUD) and Source B (TV-Audio) fragments seeded on DIME earlier.

Lineage: cassette > cdr > wav >
Soundforge 9: speed correction, patching in fills from Source A > flac TLH lvl8 w/SBA (702 MB)

Contributed by: Jan Lohmann
Edited by: plaz, flambay

Miles Davis (tp, org);
Bob Berg (ss, ts);
Robben Ford (g);
Robert Irving III, Adam Holzman (synth);
Felton Crews (el-b);
Vincent Wilburn, Jr. (d);
Steve Thornton (perc)


01 One Phone Call / Street Scenes [1:30]
02 Speak / That's What Happened [8:42] °°° flawed portion replaced with Source A material {6:31-6:45}
03 New Blues (Star People) [5:16]
04 Maze [10:27]
05 Human Nature [10:06]
06 Wrinkle [10:03] °°° tf cut at 7:55 (no alt.source material available)
07 Tutu [6:25]
08 Splatch (q: A Love Bizarre) [17:00]
09 Time After Time [10:10]
10 Al Jarreau (q: Summertime) [8:07]
11 Carnival Time [4:36] °°° tf cut at 1:05 (no alt.source material available)
12 Burn [7:04]
13 Encore Break (q: A Love Bizarre) [1:55]
14 Portia* [8:35]
15 A Love Bizarre/Hopscotch [12:14] °°° cut at 8:56 (no alt.source material available),
°°° other cuts & flaws patched with Source A material {0:03-0:09}, {0:30-1:51}, {3:45-4:10}

Total time (patched version) 122.18 min

Editing (plaz):
- balanced channels
- edited tape flips
- global phase correction: +0,24ms
- clipped applause between tunes
- gain normalized and tracked for continuous play
* attenuated close clapping and microphone impact noises
* repaired clicks, pops, thuds and drop outs

Comments (plaz):
- overall a very good aud with some talking and occasional microphone movements
- Portia and Hopscotch have gain level fluctuations and microphone movements, but replacement tracks are available as the last 2 tracks on cd2 of the LYFE bootleg "Maze" (Source A)

Editing (flambay):
- speed correction (Tracks 06,07,10,15)
- patches from Source A included in Tracks 02 and 15

Unpatched tracks (Source C only) for single source purists
or for those who'd like to do their own editing/patching between sources,
included in separate subfolder (121 MB):

02 Speak / That's What Happened [8:42] °°° flawed over {6:32-6:44}
15 A Love Bizarre/Hopscotch [12:10] °°° cuts at 0:03 & 8:52 °°° flawed portions over {0:25-1:46} and {3:42-4:05}

Total time (Source C only) 122.14 min

Brought to you by Jan Lohmann, plaz & flambay

Enjoy !!

seeded at dimeadozen.org - November 2010


Alternate sources (currently available on DIME)

- seeded by plaz_restore:
Source A (Aud - LFYE boot): http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=333292
Source B (TV Audio): http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=323856

- seeded by daveg9876:
Source B (DVD PAL Video): http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=323683

C01 One Phone Call.flac:e7488898fb94d67e32d8c4157ce29e8f
C02 Speak.flac:80985c411bd7fb3ab6ca89d41d38293c
C03 New Blues.flac:6a7118c5c86c1b618781c97c16419590
C04 Maze.flac:ba9fdc7a2e6842337f9ca4b5ef878ea3
C05 Human Nature.flac:270213ad3303589d813d39095950dafe
C06 Wrinkle.flac:337d4ec63e3bff7eb3373529b5f5a55a
C07 Tutu.flac:01c2544ab9f65cad9143a02973848ba6
C08 Splatch.flac:bb4d894c1a427d81b23d679391869aa9
C09 Time After Time.flac:44750cbe13872a4df0cb9db8c7f0068e
C10 Al Jarreau.flac:ca4faf4e7b3b7720b758ceda08475c31
C11 Carnival Time.flac:479ac6e5ec0132c87efaa433897f7fd5
C12 Burn.flac:54901c164f65909944e0f2c65f9201da
C13 encore break.flac:cd2010e02e36ff643d872e4a007f80f5
C14 Portia.flac:f70a0bb2ab6e7bd0cb8ad69bda6d6c3f
C15 A Love Bizarre-Hopscotch.flac:8de64602c77e6277a7a49d9c901c009a

C02 Speak (unpatched).flac:1e1f3973c6d324cbd309e7c6a1dac887
C15 A Love Bizarre-Hopscotch (unpatched).flac:1529a014f87a9f2f01dc50a8e7bfd7ad