1985-10-28 Copenhagen

Disco1985-10-28 Copenhagen
VenueDenmark, Falkoner Centret, Copenhagen
NotesSource: dimeadozen.org #550633
Original folder name: Miles Davis1985-10-28 Copenhagen, Denmark [FM]
Miles Davis - Copenhagen 28.10.1985.txt

peterw posted this FM Danish broadcast in Dec. '04.

As far as I can determine, if I believe the lineage provided, this is not sourced from the liberated bootleg "Unissued '85: Live in Copenhagen" (On Stage CD/ON 2230). The bootleg was published in Italy in '93, but the tracking varies in length, e.g., the track Time After Time is 9:37 on the bootleg but this upload's track is 9:59.

The last time the show was here at all was in Sept. '09, uploaded by Halowdance.


peterw's upload in '04 was loaded with SBEs, so I fixed them all. This was uploaded as 3 CDs but I altered the track names so they were DIME compatible and renumbered them for 2 CDs. Nothing was removed. Each should be about a 78 min. CD. And I created a .ffp file.

Miles Davis
Falkoner Centret
Copenhagen, Denmark
October 28, 1985

Source: FM Broadcast > ? > Cassette tapes > Philips CDR765 > CD-R > ? > WAV > Adobe Audition > dBpowerAMP Music Converter > FLAC.

Originally seeded:
CD 1:
01. One Phone/Street Scenes
02. Speak/What Happened
03. Star People
04. Maze
05. Human Nature

Disc 2
01. Something on your Mind
02. Time after Time
03. Ms. Morrisine
04. Code M.D.

Disc 3
01. Pacific Express
02. Burn
03. Stronger than Before
04. Hopscotch
05. Rubber Band
06. Jean Pierre/Then There Were None
07. Decoy

CD 1:
01. One Phone/Street Scenes
02. Speak/What Happened
03. Star People
04. Maze
05. Human Nature
06. Something on your Mind
07. Time after Time
08. Ms. Morrisine

CD 2:
01. Code M.D.
02. Pacific Express
03. Burn
04. Stronger than Before
05. Hopscotch
06. Rubber Band
07. Jean Pierre/Then There Were None
08. Decoy

Total time = 156:57

Miles Davis - trumpet, synth
Bob Berg - tenor sax, soprano sax
Mike Stern - guitar
Robert Irving - synth
Adam Holzman - synth
Angus Thomas - electric bass
Vincent Wilburn - drums
Steve Thornton - percussion
Marilyn Mazur - percussion

MD1985-10-28 d01t01-fixed.flac:795813daa2a0abaa4c3de7dc6bde6fe4
MD1985-10-28 d01t02-fixed.flac:9ccfe3d6a1d7151e33185395b35cda63
MD1985-10-28 d01t03-fixed.flac:3e0036bb7bee1251d2818023ba138c17
MD1985-10-28 d01t04-fixed.flac:1881f1e6df7392142e784a1351967a6e
MD1985-10-28 d01t05-fixed.flac:eca931e2106552a05ed7d4ad3a84ec78
MD1985-10-28 d01t06-fixed.flac:cae59b4931f734da1747ab7a9a41705f
MD1985-10-28 d01t07-fixed.flac:481a71d122500087e3a773341f63c8db
MD1985-10-28 d01t08-fixed.flac:35a1eccb3e03b17d80943caa1b20b8be
MD1985-10-28 d02t01-fixed.flac:90ee5efa68db5ca7f04e3e5dd57a52b3
MD1985-10-28 d02t02-fixed.flac:d160052284949b8ad009f2151468fb74
MD1985-10-28 d02t03-fixed.flac:b87db7f6f07a015a1c69046287146259
MD1985-10-28 d02t04-fixed.flac:672d80ff4dff1f2c686b24255dfe9244
MD1985-10-28 d02t05-fixed.flac:75443f97f7685045690b15dc68604f2e
MD1985-10-28 d02t06-fixed.flac:54a65d20624c172b970c36339cf9de0c
MD1985-10-28 d02t07-fixed.flac:7ba2b1e1018db8a7021c565fb711caf8
MD1985-10-28 d02t08-fixed.flac:61f30cd3abfd5c11aa2b6aecaacf4403