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DiscoDark Magus
Year1974 [2001]
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Miles Davis - Dark Magus. Live At Carnegie Hall (1974) [Reissue 2001] (2x SACD-ISO)
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Miles Davis - Dark Magus - Sony/Columbia Legacy C2S 65137 (1997)
2x SACD rip via PS3 to 2x iso (4.16GB) | Single-Layer 2ch only | Jazz

"Just when you think the shit can't get much higher, Miles comes in and hits the wah-wah down hard on the horn and the next thing you know, you're slappin' five to the man upstairs ... By the rite of Dark Magus, I can fake the cool in no time flat." ~ Jason Josephes http://www.webcitation.org/5wHbGLfeI
Recorded 1974 & originally released only in Japan 1977, this is the 1997 worldwide re-issue

In the context of Miles Davis' early '70s electric experimentation, DARK MAGUS seems like the final overload. It is a wall of screaming sound; a descent into a sonic abyss from which there can be no escape. The band is a polyphony of rhythm, 3 banshee-like electric guitars, 2 saxophones trying to make some harmonic sense of this post-modern revival meeting, & 1 headless-horseman of a trumpet player guiding the tempest. The 4 pieces performed at this Carnegie Hall concert bear only a passing resemblance to the give-&-take playfulness established on IN A SILENT WAY, but the textures have multiplied. The saxophones are perched in free-jazz territory, Al Foster's drums are an unstoppable ball of energy, & Mtume's percussion suggests King Tubby's experiments with every phrase. When he wasn't stretching his trumpet lines past every conceivable breaking point, Miles would summon dark storm clouds on an electric organ. The voodoo was definitely in the house, & the weak of heart were probably carried out on stretchers.

Amazon review by D. Garcia on July 31, 2006:
Like several other Miles albums from this period this was a Japanese only import. Some of the others were the best versions of the live sets. Like Black Beauty was from the Live at the Filmore sets, but arguably the better sets. Agarta & Pangea same thing. There are rumors that Miles was pissed at American audiences. The Japanese were bigger fans. Dark Magus wasn't even released in the US. I think Miles thought this was his best. So he was going to really punish the Americans by not releasing it here.
I happened to get a Japanese copy from a friend. Ultra beautiful ultra modernistic cover. Really beautiful. Very heavy dark rock music sometimes very slow. 3 guitar players heavy on the feedback. Miles loved Hendrix & was working with him when he died. Really a unique Miles album. If you are still stuck on his "cool" period forget it, you'll hate this. However if you are interested in his period of namelessness that can never be named then you might try it.


1. Pt. 1 Moja
2. Pt. 2 Moja
3. Pt. 1 Wili
4. Pt. 2 Wili

1. Pt. 1 Tatu
2. Pt. 2 Tatu ("Calypso Frelimo")
3. Pt. 1 Nne ("Lfe")
4. Pt. 2 Nne

Time: 101 min.

Miles Davis (trumpet, organ);
Dave Liebman (soprano & tenor saxophones, flute);
Azar Lawrence (tenor saxophone);
Reggie Lucas, Pete Cosey, Dominique Gaumont (guitar);
Michael Henderson (electric bass);
Al Foster (drums);
Mtume (percussion).

Producers: Teo Macero, Bob Belden, Bob Belden (Reissue)
Audio Mixer: Tamoo Suzuki.

Recorded at Carnegie Hall, New York, New York on March 3, 1974.
Includes liner notes by Dave Liebman.
All tracks have been digitally remastered.

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