1974-01-26 Willimantic

Disco1974-01-26 Willimantic
VenueUSA, Shaboo Inn, Willimantic
NotesSource: subterranean_rob
Original folder names:
md1974-01-26 shaboo inn, willimantic ct [remaster]
1974-01-26 Shaboo Inn, Willimantic CT [First Fragment]
1974-01-26 Shaboo Inn, Willimantic CT [Second Fragment]
md1974-01-26-74.aud remaster notes.txt

Included is the text file from the torrent from where these files originated.

I had another copy of the second set, but the files were exactly the same, so I went with this set.

I made each set into a single file, speed corrected each set.

Set 1: adjustments made - some EQ to the early part, which was much brighter than the latter, a little too bright. The sound is more even now. I levelled the stereo image a little and removed on noticeable pop.

Set 2: adjustments included some EQ in the latter half to increase the higher frequencies, levelling of stereo image.

I retracked each set. Times almost exactly match Losin.

Miles Davis Septet
Shaboo Inn, Willimantic, CT
January 26, 1974
Band recording Quality A

First fragment only: Reseed, upped by dirk_gently and servia in the past.
Disc 1 time: 49:17

1. For Dave (M. Davis) (incomplete)
2. Turnaroundphrase (M. Davis)
3. Tune in 5 (M. Davis)
4. Agharta Prelude (M. Davis) (with applause)

"Second fragment"
Disc 2 69:57

1. Ife (M. Davis) 21:54
2. Turnaroundphrase (M. Davis) 16:52
3. For Dave (M. Davis) 18:07
4. Calypso Frelimo (M. Davis) (incomplete) 13:04

Miles Davis - trumpet, organ
Dave Liebman - soprano & tenor sax, flute
Pete Cosey - guitar, percussion
Reggie Lucas - guitar
Michael Henderson - electric bass
Al Foster - drums
James Mtume Foreman - conga, percussion

notes for "Second fragment"
Source: CD-R acquired via trade with one continuous track,
tracking and normalization done by me using Soundforge, then flac.

This is a rare show that really sounds great from a year where few recordings exist.
Seems to have been available on a bootleg cd, but I have never seen it.

Note: As usual, my tracks do not match Losin, they are closer to Lohmann.
"Some versions in circulation have a splice at ca. 4:15, at which point about 0:25 is missing."
This one does NOT seem to.

For Dave (incomplete)
CD: So What SW-065/66

CD: So What SW-065/66

Tune in 5
CD: So What SW-065/66

Agharta Prelude (with applause)
CD: So What SW-065/66

Band warming up
CD: So What SW-065/66

CD: So What SW-065/66

CD: So What SW-065/66

For Dave
CD: So What SW-065/66

Calypso Frelimo (incomplete)
CD: So What SW-065/66


Several of the indexes are incorrect on So What: Disc 1: For Dave (21:21); Turnaroundphrase (18:49); Tune in 5 (8:52); Prelude (10:30). Disc 2: Ife (22:01); Turnaroundphrase (16:23); For Dave (18:35); Calypso Frelimo (12:59).

In addition, the first 8:41 of Disc 1 repeats the end of "Calypso Frelimo" from Disc 2. Listen for the splice in Disc 2's "Calypso Frelimo" (at 4:15); the remainder of the tune is grafted onto the beginning of Disc 1's "For Dave."

Evidence for the date of this recording is confused. The Davis Septet was originally booked for two nights at the Shaboo Inn: January 24-25 (Thursday-Friday). The former owner of the Shaboo recalls that they didn't play on Thursday because Davis's hairdresser wasn't there -- which leaves January 25 (Friday) as the date. According to Dave Liebman, however, the music is from Saturday -- this is written on the tape Liebman made from the stage. Maybe the group stayed over Saturday night to make up for the missed show on Thursday -- although I haven't found any advertisements or reviews to corroborate this.

It's also unclear whether all of this music is from the same night. The master (a single 120-minute tape) contains two extended but incomplete medleys. The second fragment begins on side A of the tape with the band warming up and ends about 9:00 into side B with the incomplete "Calypso Frelimo" listed above. The first fragment begins abruptly in the middle of "For Dave" and concludes with set-ending applause following "Prelude, part 2."

The presence of two versions of "For Dave" suggests that the music here is from more than one night, but this is speculation.

The Davis Septet had a busy road schedule during this period: Shaboo Inn, Willimantic (January 24-26); Massey Hall, Toronto (January 27); Arie Crown Theater, Chicago (February 1); Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis (February 5); Masonic Auditorium, Detroit (February 10); Keystone Korner, San Francisco (February 12-17); Club Etcetera, Washington (February 24-March 3); Carnegie Hall, New York (March 30). I'm sure there are many other dates here, but I'm still looking for ads and reviews.

A review of a Club Etcetera show begins by describing it as "one of the few local engagements [Davis] has not canceled," and goes on to capture nicely the Septet's performance: "His group is improvising, listening to each other, throwing phrases back and forth. They are not working under predefined changes or chord progressions. Neither are they being guided through the performance of a piece they have rehearsed to perfection with the score in front of them. Davis is giving direction to their improvisation, establishing a control that lessens the low points in communication that high-energy improvisational music is prone to suffer from."


According to Plosin, two fragments of this concert exist. This is the first fragment only. For more information please look at:

this info sheet was made from the 2 seperate folders from 2 sources from dime. also in miles davis vine.

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Miles, Live 1971-1975.txt

Miles, Live 1971-1975
subterranean_rob rob.joy@gmail.com Mar 15 0240AM -0700

Hi all,

In case anyone is interested, I have done some work in the last couple of
years on making a bunch of Miles' 1971-1975 live shows sound better than
the tapes I could get hold of. This is mostly focused on audience tapes as
they are in greater need of improvement (I suppose improvement is
subjective, but see what you think)

Some of you might have higher gen sources already, but in case there is any
interest, feel free to download from dropbox. I'd love to get hold of good
quality material from this era so if any of you have better material for
these dates give me a shout!

Hopefully, some of you will enjoy this, but feel free to ignore if not.
I'll leave them up in dropbox for a week or so.