1973-10-17 Boston

Disco1973-10-17 Boston
VenueUSA, Paul's Mall, Boston, MA
NotesSource: dimeadozen.org #615672
Original folder name: md1973-10-17 Jazz Workshop Boston [SBD remaster]
md1973-10-17 Jazz Workshop Boston.txt

Extraced in Dec. 2014 from a CDR I received in trade of the JMY bootleg 'Call It What It Is'.

Flambay speed corrected the music before I began work proper.

In izotopeRX I corrected the channel volumes to roughly match, then took out a very high hum (15kHz ish) on both channels. Then, azimuth correction resulted in a much more rounded sound and finally I EQ'd things to be less harsh still, did some very light noise reduction (only noticeable in the quieter parts, a few of which you can hear whatever was recored on the tape originally before it became the source for this bootleg).

Note: this is incomplete in as much as the opening voiceover and the closing announcement are not present.

subtr. March 2018.

October 17, 1973
Paul's Mall, Boston MA
WBCN radio broadcast (B+)
Miles Davis Septet

Miles Davis (tpt, org); Dave Liebman (ss, ts, fl); Pete Cosey (g, perc); Reggie Lucas (g); Michael Henderson (el-b); Al Foster (d); James Mtume Forman (cga, perc)

xx. Band warming up Voiceover introduction
1 Ife (M. Davis) 34:40
2 Agharta Prelude (M. Davis) 13:26
3 Zimbabwe (M. Davis) 11:30
xx. Closing announcement (incomplete)