Studio Session 1978

DiscoStudio Session 1978
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Sunday, August 05, 2018
Miles Davis: Studio Session With...

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Studio Session 1978
Columbia Studio B, New York NY
March 2, 1978

01. Miss Last Summer
02. Miss Last Summer
03. Miss Last Summer
04. Miss Last Summer
06. Miss Last Summer
07. Miss Last Summer
08. Miss Last Summer
09. Miss Last Summer

Miles Davis (org)
Larry Coryell (g)
Masabumi Kikuchi (keyb)
George Pavlis (keyb)
T.M. Stevens (el-b)
Al Foster (d)
Studio Session 1978 [no label, 1CD]
Columbia Studio B, New York NY; March 2, 1978; very good to excellent soundboard.
Thanks to dino000 who first shared this at Dime in 2009; and to propylaen for keeping the tracks alive.
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Davis was coaxed into the studio by Larry and Julie Coryell, to whom he had been introduced by his friend Eleana Steinberg. Steinberg’s attentions were apparently helping to get Davis off cocaine and alcohol, and he began composing again. These items, on which Davis plays only organ, are just riffs, with the standard flashy excesses of late-1970s fusion. Apparently Davis and/or Steinberg suggested as the title for this tune “Amanaura,” but it was copyrighted as “Miss Last Summer.” (See the interviews with keyboard player George Pavlis and Eleana Steiberg on George Cole’s The Last Miles website.) Davis was very happy with this music, and he wanted Coryell, whom he called “Notes Anonymous” on account of his tendency to play too many notes, to join a band. Coryell wisely declined. Davis was in no condition to play in a band, much less lead one. It would be more than two years before he returned to regular touring.
dino000 noted:
Here you have it, Miles’ 1978 session. I disagree with Mr Losin’s description of this as “flashy riffs”. Although Davis only plays organ, it’s a very interesting piece, very “milesian” in character, similar to his mid ’70s music. Enjoy! Check out for interviews with several of the participants.
CDR of “Comeback Sessions” Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 boot > wav > editing in Goldwave > flac 8
01. Miss Last Summer 5:11 - rehearsal [0:45] take 1 [4:10] Studio chatter [0:13]
02. Miss Last Summer 4:00 - take 2 (fs) [0:42] rehearsal [0:12] take 3 (fs) [0:08] take 4 [2:48]
03. Miss Last Summer 4:05 - rehearsal [0:31] rehearsal + chatter [0:58] take 5 [2:29] rehearsal/chatter [0:11]
04. Miss Last Summer 2:10 - take 6 [2:02] Studio chatter [0:06]
06. Miss Last Summer 2:55 - take 7 [2:40] Studio chatter [0:14]
07. Miss Last Summer 3:45 - take 8 [3:40]
08. Miss Last Summer 4:36 - Studio chatter [0:19] take 9 [4:14]
09. Miss Last Summer 7:49 - take 10 (fs) [0:03] take 11 [7:09] Studio Chatter [0:29]
35 mins

Miles Davis (org)
Larry Coryell (g)
Masabumi Kikuchi (keyb)
George Pavlis (keyb)
T.M. Stevens (el-b)
Al Foster (d)