1971-10-26 Brussels

Disco1971-10-26 Brussels
VenueBelgium, Palais des Beaux Arts, Salle Henri Leboeuf, Bruxelles
NotesSource: Miles Davis Group 1971-10-26 Salle Henri Leboeuf, Palais des Beaux Arts, Bruselles, Belgium (16-bit) (FLAC) - The Traders' Den
Original folder name: md1971-10-26c Brussels (sbd-rm) 81'16

Miles Davis Septet
October 26, 1971
Palais des Beaux Arts, Salle Henri Leboeuf, Bruxelles (Belgium)

Miles Davis, tp
Gary Bartz, as
Keith Jarrett, keyb
Michael Henderson, e-b
Ndugu Leon Chancler, dr
Charles Don Alias, perc
James Mtume Foreman, perc

CD 1
01 Directions 10:53
02 Honky Tonk 11:54
03 Sivad 2:32
04 What I Say 10:43
05 Sanctuary 3:08
06 It's About That Time 12:52

CD 2
01 Yesternow 10:53
02 Funky Tonk 18:26

TT 81:12

This is a remaster of the Miles-Trees Miles in Belgium Tree disc #2. Most importantly, I removed the bad clipping throughout Directions (I had to resort to a PC with Adobe Audition for this purpose, nothing capable of doing this on my Mac so far). The second source (starting after the beginning of Keith Jarrett's initial solo in Honky Tonk needed some pitch correction, and I also filtered the modulation noise that accompanied most of the electric piano sound. For the rest, I repaired some minor flaws (I did this a while ago and don't remember all details) and probably applied a small amount of NR and EQ throughout. I also retracked all titles. Due to the pitch correction, the performance no longer fits on one CD.
This still remains only B quality but - in my opinion - sounds much nicer than the Miles in B original. Enjoy! And the most important thing: if you have a better version, please share it!

For details on this performance cf. the amazing Mr. Losin:

For the original editing and remastering by the Miles-Trees crew (thanks a lot for their effort!) see:

FM > ? > shn (Miles in B Tree disc #2) > aiff > 24bit filtered and remastered (ProTools LE with various plug-ins; Adobe Audition) > 16bit aiff > CDR > wav (xACT) > flac (xACT)