Live In Bergen Norway - 25 Oct 88

DiscoLive In Bergen Norway - 25 Oct 88
VenueNorway, Bergen, Grieghallen
NotesSource: SoulSeekOriginal folder names:06miles davis - cd 1 bergen 25 oct 88---new---share it07miles davis - cd 2 bergen 25 oct 88---new---share it---Miles Davis - Live In Bergen Norway - 25 Oct 88Recorded by NRK (Norwegian radio)Taped on HiFi Video Recorder From Fm radioRipped (Vbr - HQ), Edited and Cleaned by:Music is the Best Productions01 - Intruder (Davis) 02:5402 - New Blues (Davis) 09:2703 - Perfect Way (Green/Gamson) 05:2604 - The Senate (Miller) 06:3705 - Me And You (Miller) 06:0906 - Wrinkle (Davis) 10:1007 - Tutu (Miller) 12:5808 - Time After Time (Hyman/Lauper) 08:1609 - Heavy Metal Interlude (Davis) 06:2010 - Don't Stop Me Now (Lukater/Paige) 09:34 Feat: Joey DeFrancesco11 - Carnival Time (Neil Larsen) 17:33 Feat: Wellman / Masur12 - Thomas (Davis/Miller) 14:2613 - Burn (R. Irving III/R. Hall) 03:5814 - Portia (Miller) 09:13Total 123 MinBand :Miles Trump - SyntKenny Garrett Alt Sax -FluteRicky Wellman DrumsBenny Rightveld BassMarilyn Mazur PercAdam Holzman KeyJoey DeFrancesco KeyJoe "Foley" McCreary Guitar "Piccolo Bass"I'm sorry to say that this isn't the entire showI'm even more sorry to say that the part that is missing was broadcasted,And I missed itNRK broadcasted it as 4 parts, I got 3 of them.Needless to say that I want the last partSomeone that know somebody that knows somebody that works at NRK perhaps ??NRK have a shit-load of concerts in their archiveĀ… 25, 1988 Grieghallen, Bergen [unissued]