Brooklyn 1969

DiscoBrooklyn 1969
VenueUSA, New York, Blue Coronet Club
NotesSource: SoulSeek ((ITA)bluesboy)
Original folder name: davis miles (1969) 04.xx nyc blue coronet__
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The section below the double line comes from Losin's great website -

But I am not convinced he is correct in assuming that this show is from October. This really does seem more like an early '69 setlist than a later one.

Also my track times do not agree with his, I have more of "This" and less of "Paraphernalia" than he indicates. I show:

Track 1 This 11:20 inc. from beginning
Track 2 Agitation 17:45
Track 3 No Blues 16:37
Track 4 Paraphernalia :17 inc. at end
TOTAL 45:59

Source: Audio cassette (unknown gen) -> Nakamichi DR-1 -> Audiophile 2496 -> Soundforge ->
CD -> EAC -> MKW -> SHN


October 1969 (4 items, 46:53)
Blue Coronet Club, New York
Audience recording
Miles Davis Quintet

Miles Davis (tpt); Wayne Shorter (ss, ts); Chick Corea (el-p); Dave Holland (b, el-b); Jack DeJohnette (d)

This (C. Corea) (incomplete) 10:59
Fade in at beginning.
Agitation (M. Davis) 17:14
No Blues (M. Davis) 16:09
Paraphernalia (W. Shorter) (incomplete) 2:31
Fade out at 2:31.


I'm uncertain about the date for this music. Although it circulates with the date "April 1969," the evidence suggests that it was recorded sometime in October. In an advertisement appearing on October 11 (Saturday), the "last 4 days" for the Davis Quintet are listed as Thursday through Sunday -- probably October 9-12. What isn't clear is how long prior to these four days the Quintet had been at the Blue Coronet.

In any case, the October 9-12 shows must have been canceled. Davis was shot after his October 8 show at the Blue Coronet: according to one report, "Miles Davis had appeared at the Blue Coronet Club October 8, finishing his last set on the morning of October 9. He drove back to New York with the lovely Marguerite Eskridge, 24, as a passenger. He pulled up in front of her house on 141 E. 13th St. at 4:30, when a cab drove up alongside the car and someone inside fired. One of the bullets grazed Davis' side. The young woman was not injured." After being treated at the hospital, Davis was booked for possession of marijuana, which was found in his car. As a result, remaining shows at the Blue Coronet were canceled. So I can't say for sure when this music was recorded. The Quintet was booked at the Jazz Workshop, Boston (October 13-16), but I have not seen any reviews of these shows to confirm that they were not also canceled.