Avery Fisher Hall, NY, 1975-07-01

DiscoAvery Fisher Hall, NY, 1975-07-01
VenueUSA, New York, Avery Fisher Hall
NotesSource: Sharingthegroove.org
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Miles_7-1-75_AveryFisherNYC__ D1-T2.flac
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Miles_7-1-75_AveryFisherNYC__ D1-T4.flac
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Miles_7-1-75_AveryFisherNYC__ D2-T2.flac
Miles_7-1-75_AveryFisherNYC__ D2-T3.flac
Miles_7-1-75_AveryFisherNYC__ D2-T4.flac
Miles_7-1-75_AveryFisherNYC__ D2-T5.flac
01. Juli 1975 Avery Fisher Hall, New York City RCS-194/195
Jul 1, 1975
Miles Davis in New York 1975
So What (J) SW 001/2 (CD-R)
Miles Davis 7/1/75 Avery Fisher Hall, NYC SBD Last Show
Miles Davis Septet
July 1, 1975
Avery Fisher Hall, New York
Quality A/A- some tape hiss, but sound is very crisp and clean.
608 MB Flac files

This is one of the very last, if not the actual last show Miles did before his retirement. There is no evidence I have found that he actually played Central Park later in the year.

Miles Davis (tpt, org); Sam Morrison (ss, ts, fl); Pete Cosey (g, perc);
Reggie Lucas (g); Michael Henderson (el-b); Al Foster (d); James Mtume Foreman (cga, perc)

Lineage: SBD > unknown gen cassette > Audiophile 2496 > Soundforge (Noise Reduction, EQ) >
WAV > FLAC 1.71 align/verify

There may be a silver boot of this show, but the one being seeded came from a cassette acquired in a trade about 10-12 years ago.

Disc 1
Set 1
1. Band Warming up 1:01
2. Turnaroundphrase 14:42
3. Tune in 5 4:05
4. Maiysha 21:00
5. Untitled 5:31

Disc 2
Set 2
1. Right Off 11:54
2. Mtume 9:26
3. Latin 7:25
4. Ife 9:14
5. Untitled (inc.) 8:52

Total time uncompressed: 93:15/941.30 MB

The following is from Losin's website Miles Ahead, but my track times, as usual, do not match his:

First set
1. Band warming up 0:54
2. Turnaroundphrase (M. Davis)15:14
"Turnaroundphrase" and "Tune in 5" played simultaneously during last half of tune.
3. Tune in 5 (M. Davis)4:13
Cga/thumb piano/rhythm box interlude from 2:40.
4. Maiysha (M. Davis)18:30
5. Untitled original 750505 (M. Davis) (with applause, announcement)3:27
"We'll take a short intermission -- Miles'll be back for a second set in just a short while..."

Second set
1. Right Off (M. Davis)12:53
Davis plays with the "Funk" theme frequently during his solos.
2. Mtume (M. Davis)6:57
3. Latin (M. Davis)6:46
4. Ife (M. Davis)13:16
Lucas plays a "Willie Nelson"-ish riff throughout the first half of the tune.
5. Untitled original 750505 (M. Davis) (with applause)6:52
Applause 1:04-1:40 as Davis leaves the stage.


Miles_7-1-75_AveryFisherNYC__ D1-T1.flac:632eff80e7dc645b61f11f3824ca3452
Miles_7-1-75_AveryFisherNYC__ D1-T2.flac:cf812e6de5da85bf2ff8301bb34a2c31
Miles_7-1-75_AveryFisherNYC__ D1-T3.flac:9d17b5322a7bc26b1e4535c545163500
Miles_7-1-75_AveryFisherNYC__ D1-T4.flac:e933ae177ef3573f7d26b65bc47bef7c
Miles_7-1-75_AveryFisherNYC__ D1-T5.flac:aa8742d6a88fb7f0d17f4780a3d9c441
Miles_7-1-75_AveryFisherNYC__ D2-T1.flac:8e306e04534c2cafd656baf560498d6b
Miles_7-1-75_AveryFisherNYC__ D2-T2.flac:3d03a8de023a96b2c4ab99c127c64c68
Miles_7-1-75_AveryFisherNYC__ D2-T3.flac:6a1e8e1663c27ce08ec53657429aeda9
Miles_7-1-75_AveryFisherNYC__ D2-T4.flac:66d5cf18ba6cfcc43116bef9ca146801
Miles_7-1-75_AveryFisherNYC__ D2-T5.flac:2356c53326177f152e8cd3c94f8e968f