Fillmore West, 1970-10-17

DiscoFillmore West, 1970-10-17
VenueUSA, San Francisco, Fillmore West Auditorium
Original torrent name: Miles Davis-FillmoreWest-1970-10-17-EDITED.torrent
Original folder name: Miles Davis-FillmoreWest-1970-10-17-EDITED

Miles Davis Septet
October 17, 1970
Fillmore West Auditorium, San Francisco CA
Audience recording (as per source - did aud. member have a stereo recorder?)
Feb. 2005 Easytree seed, **with my edits**
Includes artwork from Feb. 2005 seed

I obtained this through a seed that ran in February. (I think.) I'm not sure if this is the same source as the current (May) Fillmore seeds.

This includes my edits and is not, strictly speaking, a re-seed. While the Feb. seed sounds better than I initially thought, I wanted to correct the balance as much as I could (for some reason, I'm a little sensitive about this). I also wanted to make some corrections where the track splits occur. I'm not sure if I made much of an improvement in either case (for one thing, I wish the trumpet stayed in the center for the entire duration; not much I could do about this), but I'm personally happier with it now. Also there was a "pop" at the beginning of each track, all of which I have corrected.

Because of my edits, these sound files are now "n" steps further away from the original source. I realize this is of major concern to many people, so I'm telling you now. If you think my edits might be helpful, then here you go. Otherwise, there's always the current Fillmore seed: (I no longer have my February .flac files.)

February FLAC files -> xAct -> .aiff
* Using Sound Studio, I removed the pop at the start of each track (using "Interpolate"), and combined the 7 tracks into 1 file. I then saved this file as two monophonic tracks.
* I imported these mono tracks into Azureus (which unlike Sound Studio has balance control). I fiddled with balance until I decided I liked the sound: L track panned 40 % to the L, R track +2db gain and panned 40 % to the R. I saved the results as one big stereophonic track.
* I did NOT do an A - B sound comparison between my changes and the original files.
* Back to Sound Studio, where I split up the big file back into individual tracks.
.aiff -> xAct using FLAC level 8

Again, there is nothing scientific about the way I made these edits. This was done in an attempt to please my own ears. I have not made any other attempts to improve the sound of this recording (no normalization, no compression, etc.)

Miles Davis (tpt); Gary Bartz (ss, as); Keith Jarrett (el-p, org); Michael Henderson (el-b); Jack DeJohnette (d);Airto Moreira (perc); Jumma Santos [Jim Riley] (perc)

Song list:
Directions (J. Zawinul) 9:32
Honky Tonk (M. Davis) 13:00
What I Say (M. Davis) (incomplete; fade-out) 10:12
Sanctuary (W. Shorter-M. Davis) 2:38
Yesternow (M. Davis) 9:14
Bitches Brew (M. Davis) 13:33
Funky Tonk (M. Davis)/The Theme (M. Davis) 13:49

TT = 71:49

01-Directions.flac: cd36e3d68c687699385a02bcf3dfb16b 02-HonkyTonk.flac: fca526849b4e2e2297f1154fd72bf6a9 03-WhatISay.flac: 25c59dcaa04d4b148f1e2dd1f86eb737 04-Sanctuary.flac: bf0a30228b0ae86de4f74eef54391edc 05-Yesternow.flac: 02016e2eefb0317d1a86b3cad28d8750 06-BitchesBrew.flac: ed3ea2fe7c049c736e25d6602315c56b 07-FunkyTonk.flac: c93961ae5e0d4e58b6f2cdef906826c7