Munster, Germany, 1987-11-23

DiscoMunster, Germany, 1987-11-23
VenueGermany, Jovel Music Hall, Munster, Germany
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Miles Davis 1987-11-23 Munster

Miles Davis
Jovel Music Hall
Munster, Germany
November 23, 1987

CD 1/3
1. Band Enters Stage
2. One Phone Call (Right Off)/Street Scenes/Speak (That’s What Happened)
3. New Blues (Star People)
4. Perfect Way
5. The Senate/You And Me
6. Human Nature
7. Wrinkle

CD 2/3
1. Tutu
2. Movie Star
3. Splatch
4. Time After Time
5. Full Nelson
6. Don’t Stop Me Now
7. Carnival

CD 3/3
1. Tomaas
2. Calling For More
3. Jean Pierre
4. Burn
5. Portia


Miles Davis : Trumpet, Keyboards
Kenny Garrett : Alto Sax, Flute
Robert Irving III : Keyboards, Musical Director
Adam Holzman : Keyboards
Joe “Foley” Mc Creary : Lead Piccollo Bass Guitar
Darryl Jones : Bass Guitar
Rudy Bird : Percussion, DX 7 Percussion

Sony ECM 909 at 120° (flip cuts patched with Sennheiser MKE 2002)>Sony WM D6 C, Maxell XL II, Dolby C (PB: Nakamichi LX-3)>Marian Marc 2 Soundcard (24 bit/ 64 Khz setting)>HDD>Audio Restoration Remaster with Wavelab 7.0 (using Sonic Foundry Noise Reduction at highest resolution, and other 32, and 64 bit plug ins, including close up applause compression)>16 bit, 44.1 Khz downsampling>-0.01 db normalisation>tracking with CD Wave>FLAC Frontend (at 8).

At the beginning of the officially called My Ding Tour they played the same compositions over about 160 minutes. At the end of the tour they have passed the 3 hour mark every night. There where not many off nights in between on this continental Europe autumn 1987 tour, and a lot of the travels were done in a tour bus.

There was only a temporary audio engineer on this tour who decided to mix in mono. The recording was done about 6 meters away from stage. The ECM 909 with it’s cardioid recording field picked up a lot signals from the stage, so it is stereo sound, except on the flip patches. The Sennheiser binaurals have recorded 360°, and show how the sound had really been.

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