Singen, Germany, 1990-07-14

DiscoSingen, Germany, 1990-07-14
VenueGermany, Hohentweil, Singen
Original torrent name: miles1990-07-14_Singen.flacf.torrent
Original folder name: miles1990-07-14_Singen.flacf

Band: Miles Davis Septet
Date: July 14, 1990 (70:52)
Venue: Hohentweil, Singen, Germany
Source Aud > ? > CD > EAC > WAV > (Soundforge 5) > Flac (Level 8)

d1t01 New Blues (M. Davis) [Star People] [8:47]
d1t02 Hannibal (M. Miller) [10:28]
d1t03 The Senate/Me and You (J. McCreary) [11:11]
d1t04 Jilli (J. Bigham) [6:26]
d1t05 Human Nature (S. Porcaro-J. Bettis) [13:18]
d1t06 In the Night (L. Blackmon-M. DePeyer) [4:01]
d1t07 Wrinkle (E. Davis) [6:38]
d1t08 Tutu (M. Miller) [10:06]

Total Time [70:55]

Setlist fron Miles Ahead site (

Miles Davis Septet -
Miles Davis (tpt); Kenny Garrett (as, fl); Joe "Foley" McCreary (g);
Kei Akagi (keyb); Richard Patterson (el-b); Ricky Wellman (d); Erin Davis (perc)


-A great 1990 Miles show, clean sounding, nearly continuous, with only a
few minor flaws.
-Extracted, edited and seeded by guygee.


-At some point the show was normalized by track instead of
by show-at-once. All track levels at 99.7%

-Brief single channel dropouts detected in tracks 3, 5 and 8,
likely introduced somewhere in the analog chain.
(repaired as described below).

-Minor glitch, probabably digital, in both channels in Track 5
(repaired, see below).

-In track 5 small but noticeable broadband hum creeps in
around 1:00, this track only.

-Fadeout after Track 5

Editing Details (for those who are interested):

Tracks 3, 5 and 8 were opened in Soundforge 5 as 32-bit files
for repairs as described below:

Channel replacements and splices were made by attempting to
find the minimum interval where the original and replacement
levels and slopes were approximately equal.

Track 3
Replace R w/L channel 2:59.725-2:59.740
Replace R w/L channel 3:19.356-3:19.380
Replace R w/L channel 3:19.683-3:19.696
Replace R w/L channel 3:20.771-3:20.884
Replace R w/L channel 3:21.688-3:21.697
Replace L w/R channel 3:22.100-3:22.110
Replace L w/R channel 3:22.279-3:22.290
Replace L w/R channel 3:22.319-3:22.340
Replace L w/R channel 3:22.359-3:22.379

Track 5
Glitch removed 1:32.432-1:32.454
Replace R w/L channel 1:08.637-1:08.653
Replace L w/R channel 1:34.734-1:34.756
Replace L w/R channel 1:35.035-1:35.098
Replace R w/L channel 1:35.217-1:35.229
Replace L w/R channel 1:35.309-1:35.328
Replace R w/L channel 1:35.402-1:35.446
Replace L w/R channel 1:37.908-1.37.930
Replace L w/R channel 2:08.716-2:08.741

Track 8
Replace L w/R channel 5:10:515-5:10:538