Cafe Bohemia, NYC, 1957-07-13

DiscoCafe Bohemia, NYC, 1957-07-13
VenueUSA, Cafe Bohemia, NYC
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Miles Davis Quintet
Café Bohemia, New York NY
July 13, 1957
Mutual Network radio broadcast

Miles Davis - trumpet
Sonny Rollins - tenor sax
William "Red" Garland - piano
Paul Chambers - bass
Arthur Taylor - drums
Guy Wallace - announcer

01. Four (M. Davis) 5:59
02. Bye Bye Blackbird (R. Henderson-M. Dixon) [inc] 3:48
03. It Never Entered My Mind (R. Rodgers-L. Hart) [inc] 3:43 [SR out]
04. Walkin' (R. Carpenter) [inc] 1:16

Four: Issued as "Roy's Romp" on Ozone and as "Four Squared" on Black Label
Bye Bye Blackbird cut early - actually was 4:31, with voiceover from 3:56-4:31 ("They're wailin', they're wailin' down at the Bohemia tonight, don't you think so, Gene?" Gene Lees: "Yeah, yeah." Wallace: "What d'you think of Miles? D'you like him?" Lees: "Oh, he's fine." Wallace: "Do you think he's as controversial as legend goes?" Lees: "Con...? I don't think he's controversial, no." Wallace: "I don't either, I think he plays with a lot of fine, delicate taste." Lees: "Although I will say this, that anybody who is an artist, who is truly a creative artist, must be controversial to certain people. It's almost part of the word." Wallace: "That's right, I'm quite in accord with you on that. Sonny Rollins, that's featured with Miles down there, is so very very great too." [cut off])
It Never Entered My Mind: had 0:02 introduction ("Here's Miles Davis again, from the Bohemia...")
Walkin': Issued as "Rollin', Blowin', Walkin'" on Rarelp and as "Roy's Nappin' Now" on Chakra
Walkin has a voiceover 1:18-1:22: "The great and unique Miles Davis, and his horn and his quintet..."

Source: Chakra CH 100 M (LP) [Losin has this as Chakra TH 100 MD]
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