Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh, 1982-11-06

DiscoStanley Theatre, Pittsburgh, 1982-11-06
VenueUSA, Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA
Original torrent name: miles1982-11-06.flacf.torrent
Original folder name: miles1982-11-06.flacf

Miles Davis
Stanley Theatre
Pittsburgh, PA
November 6, 1982

Miles Davis (tpt, synth);
Bill Evans (ss, ts, fl, el-p);
Mike Stern (g);
Marcus Miller (el-b);
Al Foster (d);
Mino Cinelu (perc)

Disc 1
1. [43:03]
2. [26:05]

Disc 2
1. [36:16]
2. [0:35]
3. [29:46]

I borrowed these cdrs from a friend who transferred them from the master tape. He believes this source is uncirculated. Here's the info he had on it:

Source: AUD > Superscope portable 4-track recorder > C(m)
Transfer: C(m) > TEAC V360c deck > Philips standalone > CDR(0) > EAC > FLAC
Taper: Phil Martin
Transfer: Bruce C.
Sound: about A-/B+, some hiss, very listenable

I don't know Miles' 80's material too well, so I'm not sure of the setlist. There's also filler on here from the O'Keefe Centre, Toronto 12/??/81. The notes say it's on disc 2, but don't say which tracks. It must be either tracks 2&3 or just track 3. But....

Miles Ahead lists this show, but probably from a different source:


November 6, 1982 (6 items; TT = 88:07)
Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh PA
Audience recording
Miles Davis Sextet

Miles Davis (tpt, synth); Bill Evans (ss, ts, fl, el-p); Mike Stern (g); Marcus Miller (el-b); Al Foster (d); Mino Cinelu (perc)

First set
Speak/That's What Happened (M. Davis-J. Scofield) 9:20
Star People (M. Davis) 12:50
U 'n' I (M. Davis) 12:48
Hopscotch (M. Miller) 16:51

Second set
Wrinkle (E. Davis) 13:25
Jean Pierre (M. Davis) 22:53


Based on the timings, it seems like the First set probably appears as d1t1 on this seed (untracked, and a little shorter). And it looks like the Second set is d2t1 (also untracked), possibly along with d2t2. However, that leaves figuring out track 2 on disc 1. It sounds like a continuation of d1t1, probably a tape-flip there with a fade added subsequently, which would mean this version is longer than plosin's. Although it could be that some filler was put on d1 too, I don't know. I hope some of the miles-heads here can help out.


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36:16.30 383917004 --- -- ---xx miles1982-11-06d2t01.flac
0:35.13 6204620 --- -- ---xx miles1982-11-06d2t02.flac
29:46.64 315200972 --- -- ---xx miles1982-11-06d2t03.flac
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