The Making of Kind of Blue

DiscoThe Making of Kind of Blue
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Miles Davis

Bootleg: "The Making of Kind of Blue" [Kind of Blue (J)] (KOB 001)

All of the info below was researched/compiled using the Miles Ahead database:

To see which specific portions of these sessions are available commercially, please see the following links...

(March 2, 1959 session)

(April 22, 1959 session)

Please note that the material listed as being available on the following labels refer to the bootleg releases of these sessions (Kind of Blue KOB 001, Core Collections CC-001).

The commercially released material will be specified by the releases on the Columbia, Sony and Sony Mastersound labels.

Lastly, please note that great care was taken with this editing project to make sure that every single second of every take/comment/snippet that is available commercially has been completely removed from this version. I believe that this was done with 100% accuracy.

-----------------------------ORIGINAL BOOTLEG INFO:-----------------------------

01. Recording Session of Freddie Freeloader, So What, Blue in Green [March 2, 1959] (37:48)
02. Recording Session of Flamenco Sketches, All Blues [April 22, 1959] (36:00)

Session Details:

March 2, 1959 (Columbia 30th Street Studio, New York, NY)
Miles Davis (tpt); Julian "Cannonball" Adderley (as); John Coltrane (ts);
Bill Evans (p); Wynton Kelly (p); Paul Chambers (b); Jimmy Cobb (d)

*Adderley is out on all takes of "Blue in Green."

April 22, 1959 (Columbia 30th Street Studio, New York, NY)
Miles Davis (tpt); Julian "Cannonball" Adderley (as);
John Coltrane (ts); Bill Evans (p); Paul Chambers (b); Jimmy Cobb (d)

------------------------------DETAILS AFTER EDITS:------------------------------

[March 2, 1959]
01. (01:13) Studio Chatter/Freeie Freeloader (takes 1 & 2)
02. (01:23) Freddie Freeloader (take 3)/Studio Chatter (COMMERCIAL: REMOVED)
03. (00:04) Studio Chatter
04. (09:41) Freddie Freeloader (take 4) (COMMERCIAL: REMOVED)
05. (04:41) Studio Chatter/Freddie Freeloader (piano solo inserts)/So What (takes 1, 2 & 3)
06. (09:22) So What (take 3) (COMMERCIAL: REMOVED)
07. (05:46) Studio Chatter/Blue In Green (takes 1, 2, 3 & 4)
08. (05:32) Blue In Green (take 5) (COMMERCIAL: REMOVED)

[April 22, 1959]
09. (00:14) Studio Chatter
10. (09:24) Flamenco Sketches (take 1) (COMMERCIAL: REMOVED)
11. (00:26) Studio Chatter
12. (00:40) Studio Chatter (COMMERCIAL: REMOVED)
13. (04:01) Flamenco Sketches (takes 2, 3, 4 & 5)/Studio Chatter
14. (09:23) Flamenco Sketches (take 6) (COMMERCIAL: REMOVED)
15. (00:05) Studio Chatter/All Blues (take 1, false start)
16. (11:42) All Blues (take 1) (COMMERCIAL: REMOVED)
17. (00:03) Studio Chatter

------------------------------COMMERCIAL DETAILS:-------------------------------

All of the commercially available material from these sessions appears on...

Miles Davis & John Coltrane - The Complete Columbia Recordings [1955-1961] (6 CD Box)

"Kind of Blue" material appears on Disc 4 of this set.

Disc 4:
01. Love For Sale (not part of KOB Sessions, from a different album)
02. Freddie Freeloader [false start] (take 3)
03. Freddie Freeloader (take 4)
04. So What (take 3)
05. Blue In Green (take 5)
06. Flamenco Sketches [alternate take] (take 1)
07. Miles Davis Comments
08. Flamenco Sketches (take 6)
09. All Blues (take 1)

----------------------------Assembly Instructions:------------------------------

If you own the Box Set mentioned above, here is what you will need to do in order to assemble the complete "Kind of Blue" sessions...

Miles Davis & John Coltrane - The Complete Columbia Recordings [1955-1961] (6 CD Box)

Disc 4:
01. (discard this track, not needed)
02. (rename this Miles_Making_of_KOB_t02)
03. (rename this Miles_Making_of_KOB_t04)
04. (rename this Miles_Making_of_KOB_t06)
05. (rename this Miles_Making_of_KOB_t08)
06. (rename this Miles_Making_of_KOB_t10)
07. (rename this Miles_Making_of_KOB_t12)
08. (rename this Miles_Making_of_KOB_t14)
09. (rename this Miles_Making_of_KOB_t16)

Just take these renamed tracks from your Miles Box Set, drop them in the same folder as this torrent and you will have the complete "Kind of Blue" sessions from the best available sources.

NOTE: If you don't own the Box Set mentioned above, and only have the "Kind of Blue" Remaster, then you will be able to assemble a "near complete" version of the "Kind of Blue" sessions, the only material you'll be missing is "Freddie Freeloader (take 3)/Studio Chatter" (this is an incomplete take anyway) and 40 seconds of Miles Davis Chatter. But for best results use the Box Set if possible.

--------------------------------Editing Notes:----------------------------------

Source: CDR copy of "The Making of Kind of Blue" [Kind of Blue (J)] (KOB 001)

-As you can see by the track listing above, I only split the tracks where it was needed in order to remove the commercially available portions.

-For each of the remaining tracks (non-commerical material) I applied a quick fade in/out to the tracks to avoid any type of click or pop at the transitions, and to make this a "smooth" listen. Most of these fade are only for a portion of a second, barely noticeable.

-Please note that there are some various abrupt cuts throughout these sessions, either at the end of incomplete takes or some studio chatter, none of these cuts are a result of my edits, they were all present on the bootleg. I think you'll find that this was a very clean (basically flawless) editing job.

-As a bonus I compared the volume of the material available on the bootleg to the tracks available on the Miles & Coltrane Box Set. The material from the March 2, 1959 sessions seemed to be around the same volume that the material on the Box Set so I left this alone, but the material from the April 22, 1959 session was considerably lower, so I increased the volume of the material for this session by around 20%. So now when you add the tracks from the Box Set you will have a very nice listening experience with no noticable volume fluctuations between tracks. Please note that I adjusted the volume to match the Box Set, NOT to match the individual "Kind of Blue" album.