VenueItaly, Teatro Sistina, Rome
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Miles Davis - Gemini [Crown CRCJ-10001] [Roma_Oct.27-1969]

Miles Davis Quintet
October 27, 1969
Teatro Sistina, Rome (Italy)
Radio Televisione Italian (RAI) radio broadcast

Bitches Brew
Miles Runs The Voodoo Down
I Fall In Love Too Easily
Sanctuary-The Theme


This is an EAC rip of the "Miles Davis - Gemini (Crown CRCJ-10001)" CD bootleg. (test©, offset corrected, etc...).
It is only 1 track, and the original cue file is included.
A "custom flac playback" cue is also included in order to have the possibility to play back the tunes separately.
Artwork is included as well.

Disc 5 of the "Lost Quintet Tree" contains an incomplete "third fragment" of this performance at Teatro Sistina, Roma Oct.27, 1969.

This "Gemini - Crown CRCJ-10001" contains the complete third fragment, with a complete Sanctuary/The Theme and applauses...

There are three fragments for this performance. This is only the third.

Disc 4 of the "Lost Quintet Tree" consists of the first fragment plus an incomplete second fragment.
In order to have the complete available material for this performance, we just need a complete second fragment, as found in "Double Image (Crown CRCJ-10017)". [Do not confuse with Double Image (Moon MCD-010/1)]

Hopefully someone can help us with that. we're getting close :)

Check out this link in order to see what each fragment is all about in detail:


Teatro Sistina, Roma
October 27, 1969


Double Image (Moon MCD-010/1):
-First fragment is missing.
-Incomplete Second fragment; the end of Masqualero and applauses are missing.
-Incomplete Third fragment; the end of Sanctuary, The Theme and applauses are missing.

Double Image (Crown CRCJ-10017):
-First fragment is missing.
-Complete Second fragment; including the end of Masqualero and applauses.

Gemini (Crown CRCJ-10001):
-Complete Third fragment; including the end of Sanctuary-The Theme and applauses.

Disc 4 of the Lost Quintet tree consists of:
-First fragment (as in "Voodoo Down (Moon MCD 063")
-Incomplete Second fragment (as in "Double Image (Moon MCD-010/1)").

Disc 5 of the Lost Quintet tree consists of:
- Incomplete Third fragment (as in "Double Image (Moon MCD-010/1)").