1973-10-17 Boston

Disco1973-10-17 Boston
VenueUSA, Paul's Mall, Boston, MA
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Miles Davis Boston Jazz Workshop

October 17th 1973 Paul's Mall Boston, MA

1. Radio Anouncer
2. Ife
3. Untitled Original "B" (aka Agharta Prelude)
4. Unknown "C"
5. Radio Anoncer

Untileled compositions refering to Jan Lohmann's "The Sound Of Miles Davis; The Discography 1945-1991"

Line up:

Miles Davis: trumpet, Yamaha organ
David Liebman: tenor & soprano saxofones, flute
Pete Cosey: guitar, table percussion
Reggy Lucas: guitar
Michael Henderson: bass guitar
Mtume Heath: percussion
Al Foster: drums

Lineage: FM>Master Reel (3 3/4 ips)>CAS (play back: Nakamichi LX-3, no dolby, JH 88 coaxial wires)>Marian Marc 2 (setting: 24 bit/44.1 Khz)>HD>remaster with Wavelab 5.0 using digital noise reduction, shuffle imager, linear phase multiband compressor (upward expander mode), linear phase equalizer and valve preamp warmyfier plug ins at 32, 48 and 64 bit solution (with dithering)>16 bit/44.1 Khz downsampling>normalisation to -0.022 db>CD Wave tracking>Flac Frontend (level 8)

Due to the strong hiss of the master reel recorded from airplay, it wasn't possible to remove more tape hiss and FM noise without removing too much music signal.
The dynamic reconstruction restored up to 5.5 db wider signal amplitude.